Eskom Johannesburg city power load shedding

Eskom warns that the system could soon be under strain from Stage 6 cuts this evening –
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List: 32 areas in Johannesburg ‘struggling to restore power’ AFTER load shedding

City Power has identified areas of Johannesburg that have been subjected to further power outages – outside of their load shedding schedules.

Eskom Johannesburg city power load shedding

Eskom warns that the system could soon be under strain from Stage 6 cuts this evening –
Image: Pexels

Things are going from bad to worse in Johannesburg, after Stage 4 load shedding left a number of substations crippled. City Power issued a distress call on Monday, stating that the extended period of punishing blackouts is now causing ‘long-term damage’ to the city’s grid.

Which parts of Johannesburg are struggling to restore power after load shedding?

Since Friday morning, South Africans have been grappling with Stage 4 – which could potentially rise to STAGE 6 by Tuesday evening. After years of passively putting up with Eskom’s schedule demands, City Power confirmed that it has reached breaking point.

Over the weekend, almost 5 000 calls were made to the utility about unplanned outages. More and more city residents are finding themselves without power AFTER load shedding has come to an end, with the regional electricity infrastructure now ‘struggling to recover’.

This unprecedented reaction encapsulates the situation Johannesburg finds itself in right now, with some areas struggling more than others…

Johannesburg jitters: City Power ‘on the brink’

The constant ‘switching on-and-off’ of the grid is straining the network, and extended outages encourage more criminality. Cable theft is on the rise, and an increasing number of consumers are now resorting to illegal connections. Quite simply, City Power has been brought to its knees.

“The recent ramped up bout of load shedding comes at the time when City Power was already overstretched by increase in capacity demand due to inclement winter weather, while battling rampant cable theft and illegal connections.”

“Load shedding has undesirable effects on the infrastructure which, by its nature was never meant to be switched on and off at short intervals, and comes with it added financial pressures that we did not budget for.”

City Power

Full list of areas that have encountered problems ‘switching the power back on’ after load shedding

The energy provider has since listed all of the Johannesburg suburbs that have reported outages which outlast scheduled load shedding blocks this week. These areas remain vulnerable to ‘extended’ power cuts in the days ahead…

  • Hursthill
  • Lenasia
  • Randburg
  • Emmerantia
  • Greenside
  • Linden
  • Roosevelt
  • Witpoortjie
  • Florida
  • Parkhurst
  • Cresta
  • Honeydew
  • Fleurhof
  • Tshepisong
  • Booysens Reserve
  • Craighall
  • Ennerdale
  • Blairgowrie
  • Olivenhout/Northriding
  • Bordeau
  • Kew
  • Hyde Park
  • Hillbrow
  • Roodepoort
  • Rabie Ridge
  • Crown
  • Selby
  • Robertsham
  • Mulbarton
  • Jeppestown
  • Droste Park
  • Maraisburg