Muizenberg Beach Car Park

An artist’s impression of how the new car park would look – Photo: City of Cape Town

LOOK: Fury over plans to ‘build a car park’ on Muizenberg Beach

Muizenberg locals are largely against proposals submitted by the City of Cape Town – which would see a car park built on the beach.

Muizenberg Beach Car Park

An artist’s impression of how the new car park would look – Photo: City of Cape Town

The City of Cape Town has been hit by a barrage of criticism this weekend, after they shared their plans to carry out upgrades on the public infrastructure at Muizenberg Beach. However, the blueprints have enraged locals – with some branding the car park project as ‘hideous’.

A car park on Muizenberg Beach? Locals aren’t having it…

City officials will argue that the proposed improvements are merely in their ‘concept design phase’, and much more has to be done before the project actually takes shape. However, the images released by COCT have failed to inspire residents and beachgoers alike:

Muizenberg beach
This is the proposed area that’ll be paved over and turned into a car park, if COCT gets its way.

‘Anything but that!’ – Car park project alarms Capetonians

Nick Hedley is a communications consultant focused on the climate crisis. He is also a commentator on local issues, and it’s fair to say he’s staunchly critical of the Muizenberg proposals. Rather than a car park, Hedley believes there were ‘so many better alternatives’ to choose from:

“Please no! Why a bloody parking lot on the beachfront? There are so many better things you could put there. A park, a small concert venue/theatre, a beach bar, a Ferris Wheel. Anything but a fokken parking lot!”

Nick Hedley

Muizenberg Beach latest – how can I get involved?

For those vehemently opposed to this project, you can still have your say on what happens next. There are two very important dates coming up, which will essentially decide how things progress.

This Wednesday, an open day event will be held at the Muizenberg Civic Centre between 15:00 to 19:00. Those with strong views on the matter are advised to come and share them in a public forum. However, attendance is not compulsory for interested parties.

That’s because the online comment submission process only closes on Monday 26 September. Complainants and supporters alike have three weeks to influence the City of Cape Town, before they supposedly ‘pave paradise and put up a parking lot’.

“The City will be hosting an open day on Wednesday, 7 September 2022 to share information with the community and interested residents. The project includes the upgrade of the overall coastal protection, public landside infrastructure and services at the Muizenberg Beachfront.

These proposed upgrades will take place at Surfers Corner, on the western part of the beachfront along Beach Road in Muizenberg. The City is currently in the concept design phase of the project and residents have until Monday, 26 September 2022 to submit their comments.

“The project aims to replace and improve the coastal protection infrastructure; improve pedestrian and universal access to the beach; and upgrade the recreational spaces along this portion of the coastline.| City of Cape Town