We were never here andrea bartz

Author Andrea Bartz and her latest thriller, ‘We Were Never Here’ takes the book world by storm. Image via Twitter @MedillSchool

Book Review: ‘We Were Never Here’ takes top spot for Thriller of the Month

Author Andrea Bartz is back with another bone-chilling psychological thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat until the final page.

We were never here andrea bartz

Author Andrea Bartz and her latest thriller, ‘We Were Never Here’ takes the book world by storm. Image via Twitter @MedillSchool

Andrea Bartz’s newest thriller, We Were Never Here, has certainly burst onto the book scene this month, becoming a New York Times Bestseller and being chosen as one of Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club reads. It has also been picked up by Netflix and is in development for the big screen.

Filled with tense writing and gripping characters, We Were Never Here is The South African’s top pick for November thrillers.

We Were Never Here tells the story of two best friends who, while on holiday, find themselves in a situation with not just one, but two dead bodies on their hands. Is this just an unhappy coincidence, or is one of them not telling the other the whole story?

We Were Never Here’: Perfect example of tense writing

Andrea Bartz’s writing has a way of reaching out from the page and gripping your attention from the very start.

The writing is so perfectly simple yet deeply revealing that it builds tension effortlessly and does this without breaking up the fast pace. Sometimes thrillers can get slowed down by overly embellished language, but Bartz has found the sweet spot in her writing, making it both simple and rich.

Bartz has created characters that are wonderfully complex and feel real – perhaps a little bit too real…

The only negative of the book is the pacing of the storyline.

The first three quarters of the story flow naturally and at a steady but quick pace. However, in the final section of the book, too much happens too quickly and the reader is left a little bit confused. The story wraps up abruptly and should have been given more pages to prevent this whirlwind ending which leaves the reader thinking “Huh?”.

Despite the pacing, the book is a gripping read and is easily one of our top picks for November.

‘We Were Never Here’: Synopsis

Emily is having the time of her life — she’s in the mountains of Chile with her best friend, Kristen, on their annual reunion trip, and the women are feeling closer than ever. But on the last night of the trip, Emily enters their hotel suite to find blood and broken glass on the floor.

Kristen says the cute backpacker she brought back to their room attacked her, and she had no choice but to kill him in self-defence. Even more shocking: The scene is horrifyingly similar to last year’s trip, when another backpacker wound up dead. Emily can’t believe it’s happened again—can lightning really strike twice?

Back home in Wisconsin, Emily struggles to bury her trauma, diving headfirst into a new relationship and throwing herself into work. But when Kristen shows up for a surprise visit, Emily is forced to confront their violent past. The more Kristen tries to keep Emily close, the more Emily questions her motives.

As Emily feels the walls closing in on their cover-ups, she must reckon with the truth about her closest friend. Can Emily outrun the secrets she shares with Kristen, or will they destroy her relationship, her freedom and even her life?

Praise for Andrea Bartz

“This book is every suspense lover’s dream and it kept me up way too late turning pages…A novel with crazy twists and turns that will have you ditching your Friday night plans for more chapters.”

Reese Witherspoon

“This smartly written psychological thriller will leave you all tingly.”

Reader’s Digest

“A thrilling tale about a friend group in flux.”

Oprah Daily

“Incredibly tense and atmospheric, ‘We Were Never Here’ explores the nuances of memory, the secrets that bind a friendship—and those that threaten to tear them apart. Andrea Bartz delivers a sharp, unsettling thriller about power, obsession, and the inescapable grip of the past.

Megan Miranda, New York Times bestselling author of ‘All the Missing Girls’ and ‘The Last House Guest’

More about the author

Author Andrea Bartz. Image via Twitter @andibartz.

Andrea Bartz is a Brooklyn-based journalist and author of The Lost Night and The Herd. Her work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Marie Claire, Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Martha Stewart Living, Redbook, Elle, and many other outlets, and she’s held editorial positions at Glamour, Psychology Today, and Self, among other publications.

We Were Never Here is published by Penguin Random House and is available at Exclusive Books for R338.