Drunk policemen Nyanga

It got more than heated in Nyanga’s police station. Image: @Ezitshisayo / Facebook

VIDEO: Drunk policemen fights over SAPS van in Nyanga

Three reportedly drunk policemen wanted to drive a SAPS van intoxicated – but a commander manhandled the trio in Nyanga, Cape Town.

Drunk policemen Nyanga

It got more than heated in Nyanga’s police station. Image: @Ezitshisayo / Facebook

It’s just another day of unspeakable embarrassment for our men in blue. Three drunk policemen in Nyanga were determined to drink and drive but their commander physically stood up to them as one of them started grabbing the van keys.


According to the video that was shared by the Cape Town-based Facebook page, Ezitshisayo, the trio rocked up to work after enjoying drinks with some volume.

The report alleges that the trio is facing disciplinary action after they allegedly assaulted their commander.

“Three Nyanga SAPS police officers are in hot water after they assaulted their commander last night. It is alleged that the officers came to the office drunk and demanded a van to take home,” the page said.

The voices in the nasty scuffle suggest that the commander had decided to send the cops home for presumably showing up to work intoxicated.

“Tell this person you want transport because he has sent you home,” a Xhosa voice tells the officer moments before he lunges for the van keys.

The commander is then heard sending away the officer who quickly snatches the van key before the wrestling took full effect.

“Go home!” “No, you’re not going to take that key!” the commander says in English.

“You are not gonna take that vehicle” his voice is heard amongst screaming female voices.


According to the report, the reportedly drunk policemen ended up causing physical harm to the commander.

“After the commander on duty refused, the officers attempted to take the keys by force, causing the commander to be injured.

“The officers involved were stationed at Brown’s Farm satellite station that is close to Philippi train station,” the report concluded.

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