Bet you didn’t think this was

Bet you didn’t think this was happening in South Africa? Warning, not for the faint hearted

How is it possible that, in a nation as committed to animal welfare as we are; atrocities like this one still surface every so often.

Bet you didn’t think this was

The NSPCA in Lichtenburg, Northwest Province, has won a landslide victory in the fight against Foie Gras production in South Africa. The Bon Canard farm, run by Mr and Mrs Diedericks, their daughter Tharina Berriman and her husband Terrence Brerriman was raided by the SPCA in March 2012 in terms of the Animal Protection Act and all those involved were fined R10 000.

foie gras

The farm, now closed down, had been home to 107 Muscovy ducks kept in small plastic and wire cages. They were unable to move and were being force-fed in order to enlarge their livers to produce pâté for restaurants. Some birds were injured. Many had swollen, hardened feet: – a result of standing incessantly on the cage floors. Due to the conditions in which they were being kept, many had breathing problems.


This farm of horrors has closed down in the mean time, but what we should really be asking ourselves, is whether by our lifestyle choices we are encouraging businesses like these to flourish.