45% of South Africa is poor: a

45% of South Africa is poor: a look at our stats on World Poverty Day

A reminder of our poverty statistics and the factors that count: location, race and education

45% of South Africa is poor: a

It’s #WorldPovertyDay and, to date, South Africa remains one of the most unequal societies in the world by far.

While the number of those living in poverty has decreased since 2006, there remains a large majority that are below the poverty line.

Statistics South Africa is currently putting together a Living Conditions Survey, which launched in August this year. They will be conducting field research until October 2015.

The most recent data, dated 2011, gives us an idea of where we’re headed. In 2011, there were 23 million poor people in South Africa, 10 million of which are living in extreme poverty. Here’s a recap of the key indicators:

Our three poorest provinces are Limpopo, Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga

Poor-south-african-provincesThe majority of those living in poverty are black, and very few white people are poor

raceThe majority of those who are not educated are poor