Benoni pre-school petrol

Photo: REZA / Twitter

Benoni horror: Woman burnt in car outside pre-school dies in hospital

The woman had just dropped off her four-year-old at a pre-school in Benoni when her car was torched allegedly by her boyfriend

Benoni pre-school petrol

Photo: REZA / Twitter

This story has just taken a tragic turn: The Benoni mother whose car was set alight has died in hospital. News of the 27-year-old woman’s death was confirmed by Gauteng police.

The mother had just dropped off her four-year-old daughter at pre-school when a man, believed to be her boyfriend, torched her vehicle. At the time of the attack, the mom was with a female companion reported to be her cousin.

The incident occurred last week.

The man had apparently approached the woman’s car and smashed its driver-side window before returning to his car and grabbing an object. The women then returns to her vehicle in an attempt to stop the man and it catches fire.

Benoni car fire: Suspect likely to be charged with murder

The owner of the Benoni pre-school where the car was torched had previously said the victim was recovering well in hospital – now her death means the police investigation takes a different course.

“Gauteng police are investigating an attempted murder case following an incident that occurred outside a creche in Benoni where a 27-year-old woman was allegedly by her boyfriend,” the SAPS said at the time.

The suspect is now likely to face murder charges in addition to a charge of malicious damage to property. The 40-year-old man also sustained injuries and was transported to hospital where he was also arrested.

The state of his condition remains unclear at this stage.

The child is currently under the care of loved ones and is reportedly receiving counselling.