ANCYL calls for initiation cer

ANCYL calls for initiation ceremonies on Table Mountain

The ANC Youth League believes Table Mountain allows the necessary privacy and honours the tradition of purity for initiates from all over the province.

ANCYL calls for initiation cer

The provincial ANC Youth League have asked for a portion of Table Mountain national park to be made available for traditional initiation ceremonies as there is not enough appropriate land in the Western Cape.

Youth league spokesperson, Siyabulela Tom, said initiation schools in the province are situated in every available pocket of land, often near train stations and highways.

The league argued that the tradition of purity for the passage of initiates into manhood was not being properly honoured because there is a lack or suitable space.

“Table Mountain as a national heritage site is actually suitable as a delivery site to host initiates, thereby allowing them the necessary privacy as the inherent requirement for the initiates,” said Tom.

“It is far from communities and is a mountainous area with enough space to accommodate initiates from all over the province.”

Tom called for the government to treat everybody in the province equally and “accord this tradition the necessary respect it deserves within our multi-cultural society”.

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