cape town hotels bath

A columnist called some Cape Town hotels asking if he could bath and many said “sure”

Oops. Some of Cape Town’s hotels might want to make a bigger effort to inform guests about the water crisis.

cape town hotels bath

So, you know by now that Cape Town is in a water crisis so serious that a total system collapse has been predicted for March 2018. Most of us are doing what we can, where and when we can.

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Except, it seems, if you want to take a bath at a hotel. Now, many hotels have taken action. Many have stopped washing their fleets, some have converted their pools to salt water, most have flat out stopped filling their pools – with some guests even cancelling as a result – and others have removed bath plugs from bath tubs to discourage guests from taking baths.

But what if you REALLY wanted to take a bath at a posh hotel? Well, columnist Tom Eaton tried to find out. In a column for TimesLive  Eaton says he called up a bunch of Cape Town hotels, pretended to be a visitor from Gauteng planning on popping down to the Cape in December and asked if he’d be able to bath.

According to Eaton’s column, of the hotels he called, he was told that baths would be allowed at the Table Bay Hotel, the Cape Grace, the Breakwater Lodge, Protea Fire and Ice, Protea Victoria Junction and the Radisson Park Inn.

Protea Sun Square, the Southern Sun Cullinan, the Protea Marriott in Mowbray, or the Vineyard Hotel (read their response to the column here) have all removed bath plugs, but Eaton, says, he was told a plug can be requested from reception.

He adds:

“The Cullinan was the only one to tell me that it was “trying to make guests aware of the problem we have”.)”

It was a tiny sample size and it was, I admit, entrapment. But the fact remains: every single hotel I phoned effectively told me that if I paid them enough money I could flush hundreds of litres of water down their drains.

Pretty hectic, don’t you think?

Now, of course hotels also have signage up and are informing hotel guests that we’re in a massive crisis, but the question remains: how many posh peeps are simply ignoring these warnings?

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And how many people are really aware of just how serious the crisis is? With tourist season around the corner – many early revellers have already arrived – how much wiggle room is there?