Watch: Cape Town Water Crisis

Watch: Cape Town Water Crisis – ‘City of Cape Town was warned’ [video]

Not looking good for Cape Town.

Watch: Cape Town Water Crisis

The current water crisis in the Western Cape did not catch the City of Cape Town completely unawares, according to Michael Muller of SA Water Institute.

In a short documentary titled Cape of Storms to Come, posted to YouTube by Chronicle Digital, Muller states that discussions were held with key decision makers, such as Mayor Patricia de Lille, warning about the possible depletion of the city’s water supply.

According to Muller, the city maintained a general attitude of overconfidence which bordered on arrogance in their ability to avert a potential crisis.

“They were warned and they chose to ignore the warning on a number of occasions. They even boasted about how effective their water-saving campaigns have been –‘and because of this it will only be in 2022 when we’ll need more water’. I think what we learned from that is it’s very dangerous to be overconfident,” says Muller.

“It was overconfidence that lead to a number of bad management decisions that have meant that interventions that could have been started haven’t actually yet been implemented.”

You can watch the full video here:

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