19 year-old dies after two KZN

19 year-old dies after two KZN hospitals refuse to treat him

A young man was critically injured in an accident over the weekend, but was refused care at no less than two hospitals, eventually passing away while paramedics tried and failed to resuscitate him.

19 year-old dies after two KZN

According to Eyewitness News, Osindisweni Hospital had telephonically agreed to help the man, but when it came down to it they refused to help him on account of apparently not being equipped to treat trauma-related incidents.

Now, the person who reportedly refused to admit him was a trainee, who then told paramedics to take him to the Gandhi Hospital where he was once again refused treatment and paramedics were told to take him to the Addington Hospital.

Unfortunately the man never made it to Addington as he went into cardiac-arrest while still at Gandhi, which eventually got the hospital’s staff to assist, albeit too late.

KZN Health’s Sam Mkhwanazi had nothing to say about it, other than they’ll give an official response once all the facts are known… not even condolences.

This is the second such incident in the last month as a man was refused treatment at Soweto’s Mlangeni Hospital for not having the R20 fee needed to check in.