Jury praise lingers: Volvo XC4

Jury praise lingers: Volvo XC40 still the benchmark in its class

Two years after the announcement that the Volvo XC40 had won the 2018 Women’s World Car of the Year award, the jury members remain unanimous in their praise of the Swedish carmaker’s most compact SUV.

Jury praise lingers: Volvo XC4

Every year, a panel of 41 women motoring writers from around the world vote for the Women’s World Car of the Year (WWCOTY).

Ilaria Salzano, who represents Italy on the jury, believes that the Volvo XC40, which was the 2018 Women’s World Car of the Year winner, was a vital and game-changing vehicle for Volvo.

“It was able to open itself up to an exclusively urban and cosmopolitan audience. The company targeted a completely new audience for the first time. It was also the only SUV to be offered in a personalised two-tone version, with a choice of engines. I am not surprised that it was the brand’s first electric car,” she noted.

‘Greening’ the way

Sara Soria, who represents Spain on the jury, is equally impressed with the “greening” of the Women’s World Car of the Year.

“I am impressed to see that Volvo is also electrifying this successful model with plug-in hybrid versions and soon also with a fully electric XC40,” she comments.

The Volvo XC40 is still going strong when it comes to popularity and ‘status’. Image: Supplied

Soria remained extremely enthusiastic about the XC40’s many features.

“It is a compact SUV with the most advanced technology in comfort and safety, and – with its many practical features – it also makes your day-to-day life easier.

“It’s a fashionable SUV because of its urban and youthful design. I like its dynamism, technology, safety and connectivity. I also like the fact that it allows you to car-share with family and friends,” the Spanish jury member noted.

Volvo and safety ‘go together like cup and saucer’

Alix Capper Murdoch, who represents Cyprus on the jury, also remained particularly impressed with the XC40’s safety credentials.

“The words ‘Volvo and safety’ go together like cup and saucer. From its early beginnings, this manufacturer has continuously remained at the forefront of pioneering technology – inventing anything and everything from the three-point safety belt to City Safety, which is one of the XC40’s many safety features.

Image: Supplied

“This is a SUV that appeals to every generation – regardless of colour, creed or gender,” she added.

However, Maggie Barry, who represents Scotland on the jury, probably put it best when she said that, while the XC40 was the supreme winner in 2018, “it just keeps getting better”.

“It is a timeless classic, a car that boldly and elegantly shows off Volvo’s design language for the next decade – and pairs it with superb performance.”