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Kobus proposed to Zesta inside a Pick n Pay and she said yes!. Image via Pixaby

Woman finds lost ring after frantic search in Matroosberg snow

Icy resolve: Esmarie Visagie’s wedding ring went missing in the snow on the Matroosberg Mountains. What were the chances of finding it again?

pick n pay

Kobus proposed to Zesta inside a Pick n Pay and she said yes!. Image via Pixaby

What started as happily playing in the snow at the Matroosberg Mountains ended in a sad day for Esmarie Visagie when she lost her wedding ring in the snow. She needed Cape Town’s help to look for the sentimental piece of jewelry.


Esmarie Visagie reached out to Cape Town etc to see if anyone could help her locate her wedding ring she lost while playing in the show at the Matoorsberg Mountains. The mountains are the highest mountains in the Cape Winelands district. 

Visagie mentioned that her wedding ring was one made with lots of love and has a lot of sentimental value. 

“The sentimental value of the ring makes it irreplaceable as it was made from my granny’s wedding ring after my granddad passed away, and also incorporates pieces from other family member’s jewelry. We are devastated about the loss. 

She highlighted that she would be offering a big reward to anyone who can find it and return it to her. 


After a flood of supportive comments on Facebook, Cape Town Etc’s Ashleigh Nefdt reported that Esmarie’s ring was found! One Facebook user suggested that Esmarie use a metal detector to find it. 

Esmarie mentioned they found it when they went back to the spot where they played in the snow with a metal detector and they were successful! The ring holds an irreplaceable value and Esmarie was filled with joy after finding the piece of jewelry.

“The field where we played was so wide, but if you can believe it, it was actually gran that found it. She called me just to say, ‘Esmarie, hold your hand!’ We were all in tears.”

Esmarie is grateful for the help and suggestions from fellow Capetonians who were determined to help find the sentimental ring.

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