Budget cut? Twitter abuzz abou

Photo: Twitter/TitoMboweni

Budget cut? Twitter abuzz about Tito Mboweni’s new chiskop

Close shave…Mzansi tweeps weighed in on Finance Minister Tito Mboweni’s brand new hairstyle.

Budget cut? Twitter abuzz abou

Photo: Twitter/TitoMboweni

Tito Mboweni recently took to social media to show off his new chiskop hairstyle and the comments came in thick and fast on Twitter.

Tito Mboweni’s new hairstyle

Yes, the finance minister posted a picture of himself with a fresh new haircut. According to Times Live, the minister must have been impressed with the new look because he even made it his new profile picture — to the amusement of many.

Meanwhile, in the Twitter salon…

“Minister, you skipped your [sic] Idolescent (Adolescents) stage…,” one Twitter user said.

Others wondered what the haircut might mean.

“No man! What does this mean? Are you haircutting the budget? Haircutting the bond holders? Haircutting those sweet lambs on the farm?” Carol Paton tweeted.

Others tweeps were worried that people won’t recognise the minister.

“Eeeeeeh! Your Staff & South Africa Police won’t recognize you [sic] they’ll think you are an impostor…till your hair grows, always walk with armed bodyguards! ” said Donald B Kipkorir. “Hope you are not using the vaccine budget,” said another.

“Hehehe wena u will be excluded from the budget [sic].”

Mboweni takes a dig at Ndlozi for his choice of shoes

It seems that the minister, who also has a deep love for cooking and food according to his Twitter account, has other interests too – perhaps fashion? On Wednesday 9 December 2020, Mboweni took a dig at Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) member Mbuyiseni Ndlozi for his choice of shoes. Yes, his choice of shoes. 

It all began when Ndlozi posted an image of himself and none other than EFF leader Julius Malema at a wedding. The caption read “wedding vibes” with a party emoji. Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula responded asking: “When are you getting married doctor?”

A sense of humour

The pair, who looked smartly dressed, for the most part, were not up to scratch according to Mzansi’s newest fashionista. Mboweni reposted the image on Twitter, tagged Ndlozi and added a brand new caption, one Ndlozi has responded to quite calmly. 

“⁦How do you go to such a function wearing those shoes? Mine are better!!” Mboweni said.