Tito Mboweni eskom

Tito Mboweni says SA should support Eskom, not bash them. Image via Twitter: @titomboweni

‘They need support, not howling’: Tito throws weight behind Eskom

‘Despite all difficulties, I fully support Andre De Ruyter and the Eskom team,’ says Tito who also called on SA to stop the online bashing.

Tito Mboweni eskom

Tito Mboweni says SA should support Eskom, not bash them. Image via Twitter: @titomboweni

South Africans have had it with Eskom and its endless load shedding. Many have shared harsh criticism with the ailing power utility company and its newly appointed CEO Andre de Ruyter. Former finance minister Tito Mboweni has shared his thoughts on all of the criticism and says South Africans need to tone it down and offer their support instead.

His tweet was met with a lot of anger from tweeps who told him to stop sucking up to De Ruyter.

Tito Mboweni catches smoke for telling SA to support Eskom and De Ruyter

Former SA minister Tito Mboweni is no stranger to criticism and is routinely slammed by South Africans – particularly over his political views and support of the African National Congress (ANC).

Mboweni has once again come under fire online after he urged South Africans to show struggling power company Eskom and its CEO Andre De Ruyter support – despite the country experiencing stage six load shedding rollouts.

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Many political parties such as the Economic Freedom Fighters and the Democratic Alliance have called for action to be taken against Eskom by the ruling party and thousands of South Africans have agreed.

Mboweni, however, begs to differ. According to him, people should be showing the party and the utility company some support.

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“Burn me at the stake. Despite all difficulties, I fully support Andre de Ryter and the Eskom Team. This is a gigantic enterprise. They need our support and not howlings!” he wrote in a tweet on Sunday evening.

Mzansi is not impressed

The post did not sit well with hundreds of locals who headed to the comment section to slam Mboweni and Eskom.

@tessadooms wrote:

“That you are in support of him is neither here nor there. Rather tell us WHY you support him. Tell us why the administration you were in were so confident in hiring him and why we should not believe that he is part of the leadership problem.”

@bravolima wrote:

“Sorry. Everyone I’ve spoken to doesn’t believe in this “support” you’re pushing.  SA AND ESKOM…especially Eskom need accountability and the harshest of consequences for their lies, their corruption and their failures.  The rage of SA drowns out YOUR voice. Take heed.”

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