Job hunting

Looking for jobs online is a lot easier than in person. Image: Pixabay

Job hunting? Here are the best websites to look for work

Job hunting is easier than ever because jobseekers can now apply for employment anywhere around the world, with just a few clicks on the web.

Job hunting

Looking for jobs online is a lot easier than in person. Image: Pixabay

Job hunting can be a frustrating task but the easiest way to find a paid position these days is through online job listings. There are many websites available to help you for find a job but not all of them may be legitimate.

To help, we have put together some reliable websites to help you find your dream job.


It has been more than 17 years since LinkedIn first launched. Reid Hoffman founded the “employment-oriented online service” in 2003 with the purpose of encouraging professional networking.

He also wanted to enable job searchers to connect with recruiters and companies to advertise vacancies. It has developed into one of the biggest platforms for professionals to create solid networks, attract investors, employ fresh talent or even land a job.

Having a LinkedIn account is essential for jobseekers because it enables them to develop connections in the workforce. By participating in discussions, you can show that you have leadership skills, which is usually beneficial for career management. LinkedIn is a tool you can use to develop your personal brand and expand your professional network; it’s more than simply a place to put your online portfolio.

This network can be a great resource for direction throughout your career, as well as in your job hunting. Increasing your LinkedIn profile and participating in the community can help demonstrate to recruiters that you have a keen interest in their sector.

Man looking for a job via his phone. Image: Pixabay

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After graduating, looking for a job can be stressful, which is why Graduates24 has made it simpler for new graduates. Graduates24 mostly concentrates on graduate programmes and entry-level positions and internships.

Every day, they update their job openings to make sure jobseekers don’t miss out on any prospects. The website also provides a wide range of additional services, such as updates on scholarships, interview questions, listings for student housing, information on funding for small businesses, and generating CVs online.

Tutors can also advertise themselves on the platform to draw potential clients.


Made in Africa for Africa, media company Bizcommunity provides an overview of the knowledge base of business communities in South Africa, the largest of which is Marketing & Media, reaching 490,000 readers across the continent.

News from more than 350 of South Africa’s leading companies “publish and disseminate through our [Bizcommunity’s] 5.9 million monthly industry publications and promotional platforms”. Bizcommunity serves as a spokesperson for all types of company stakeholders, from newcomers to leaders.

Bizcommunity makes job hunting in South Africa (and in several other countries throughout the world) simple. The website offers a variety of search options, including province, industry, date posted, experience level and educational requirements.

Additionally, they offer a variety of articles, videos, and other tools that job searchers may use to develop their abilities and remain updated on the labour market.

Looking for a job in South Africa
Websites that may help you when looking for a job. Image: Pixabay


If you are looking for a job in the government sector and want to find out what kinds of government roles are available, visit the South Africa Government Jobs website. For people of various ages, educational levels and skill sets, there are several job openings available.

Jobseekers are able to discover the ideal fit by searching through job alerts, geo-location search, advance search filters, job matching and many other features to assist users easily find suitable positions, whether you’re looking for a paid position in finance, nursing, or everything in between.

A digital career profile and CV can be created by registered users of

Image: Pixabay

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Glassdoor runs an online community for jobseekers and professionals. Despite being a US website, it also lists online employment in South Africa. In the world of job-hunting websites, Glassdoor is a little different.

A lot more can be done with Glassdoor than just submitting job adverts. Employers can educate potential employees about the benefits of working for their company and share tips for enhancing the employee experience.

Employees can offer their knowledge and perspectives on the work they have done for organisations, giving job searchers a more in-depth research experience. People may find more information about these and other factors while searching for jobs on Glassdoor, including leadership evaluations, employee recommendations and overall job satisfaction scores from people who currently work at or have previously worked at these organisations.

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