Sandwich. Image via Pexel

TikToker claims finding ‘human faeces’ in her sandwich [WATCH]

A video of a TikToker @kelscoin went viral on social media after she allegedly found ‘human faeces’ in her Subway sandwich.


Sandwich. Image via Pexel

The TikToker @kelscoin warned her followers on social media to not eat sandwiches at Subway after allegedly finding something resembling ‘human faeces’ in her sandwich.  

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@kelscoin don’t eat at @subway ♬ original sound – kels


The video by TikToker @kelscoin received more than two million views after she claimed to take a bite from the sandwich only to realise that it may have ‘human faeces’ and had a foul smell.  

In the video, she revealed that her sandwich might have faeces or something that did not belong in a Subway sandwich.  

She also revealed that she couldn’t eat at the fast food restaurant’s parking lot because the parking lot smelled like sewage.  

She took one bite in the parking lot, took the sandwich home, and noticed the same foul smell when she arrived at her house.  

“I look in the papers. In between the two wrappers on the sandwich is literal sh*t. There’s faeces,” she claims.  

“We’re not sure if it’s a dog or if it’s human.”  

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@kelscoin i’m not craving @Subway ♬ original sound – A-dawg

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According to IOL, @kelscoin also called the police, who took a swab of the substance to determine its contents.  

Another video shows that her sandwich wrapper has some brown substance on it.  

She adds that she complained online to the restaurant and called the corporate multiple times the next day.  

“All they told me is that I had to wait for someone to respond to my online complaint about there being literal sh*t in my food,” she says.  

The publication adds that the Lansing State Journal reported that the manager from the Subway spokesperson said that the Ingham County Health Department had issued an inspection report indicating that the brown substance on the sandwich wrapper was chocolate from a cookie.  

The health department allegedly relied on statements by the store’s owner and East Lansing police stating the video footage showed an employee eating a chocolate chip cookie, and not washing hands before making the woman’s sandwich, according to a health inspection report released by the department. 

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