world's best cities 2023

Vienna ranks tops in World’s Best Cities Index for 2023. Image: Pexels

The world’s best cities to live in right now. See the list!

Fancy living abroad? Here is a list of the cities that offer the world’s best standard of living for 2023.

world's best cities 2023

Vienna ranks tops in World’s Best Cities Index for 2023. Image: Pexels

With the world in a state of flux at the moment, a number of people living in cities where there are many challenges in everyday life are looking for other places to call home.

The big question is, where to now? Which are the most desirable places to live in right now?

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The Global Liveability Index 2023 has listed the world’s best cities to live in right now.

This year, the Index covers 172 cities, with rankings based on a number of categories, including stability, healthcare, culture, education and infrastructure.


Vienna (Austria) is the most livable city in the world, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Index for 2023.

Osaka (Japan) and Auckland (New Zealand) both came in at 10th position this year.

Another pair of cities, Geneva (Switzerland) and Calgary (Canada) ranked in 7th place on the list.


1 Vienna, Austria

2 Copenhagen, Denmark

3 Melbourne, Australia

4 Sydney, Australia

5 Vancouver, Canada

6 Zurich, Switzerland

7 Geneva, Switzerland and Calgary, Canada (tied)

9 Toronto, Canada

10  Auckland, New Zealand and Osaka, Japan (tied)


There are large numbers of South African expats living in some of the world’s best cities. Sydney (ranked 4th) and Auckland (ranked 10th) are both home to large South African expat communities.

Countries including Australia, New Zealand and Canada are popular with South Africans. These countries offer a comparable lifestyle and familiar language and culture to SA.


Rising political and economic instability are among the reasons many South Africans seek greener pastures outside of South Africa. 

South Africans generally prefer settling in countries where they can enjoy a lifestyle similar to what they have experienced in South Africa.

According to BusinessTech, the United Nations’ (UN) latest International Migrant Stock reports that the United Kingdom (which does not feature in the Global Liveability Index) has the most migrant stock from South Africa.

Almost a quarter of a million residents in the UK list South Africa as their country of birth. Australia, the USA and New Zealand follow. Canada is also home to a sizeable community of SA expats.

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