JMPD officers metro

JMPD officers will soon be equipped with body cameras. Photo: JMPD/Twitter

‘They’ll use sign language’: SA reacts to metro cops’ body cams

South Africans don’t appear to have any faith that body cameras will stop corrupt metro police officers from getting their ‘cool drinks’.

JMPD officers metro

JMPD officers will soon be equipped with body cameras. Photo: JMPD/Twitter

Earlier this week, the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) announced that all on-duty officers would start wearing body cams to capture and record all interactions with road users. This will intern combat corruption and bribery on South African roads.

While the news was generally met with applause and a warm welcome by many South Africans, not everyone believes that bribery will stop. Some social media users are of the opinion that officers will find other ways to commit the crime.

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Will body cams combat metro cops’ road corruption? SA thinks not

On Tuesday 20 June this week, JMPD Acting Chief Angie Mokasi announced that metro police officers will soon start wearing body cameras.

The decision comes after complaints from the public about corruption, bribery, extortion and kidnapping from JMPD officers.

JMPD metro officers bribes
JMPD officers will be getting body cams Photo: Facebook: JMPD

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“The City is currently taking a process of purchasing body cameras that will assist in eradicating issues that revolve around corruption. They will also actually help to protect the officers and members of the public,” said Mokasi, according to an IOL article.

Mzansi is sceptical

While the idea has been welcomed by many desperate to rid South Africa of corruption and crime, not everyone is confident that it will work.

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Many reactions to the news have been shared on social media by app users who believe the officers may find another way to demand “cold drinks” from road users.

@cutting_torch said: “They will use sign language. And other tactics to siphon cash into their pockets.”

While another app user said: “They will bypass this law and share bribes with those who monitor them. Now motorists will have to pay more because of this system.”

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