Watch: How to optimise your st

Photo: SuzelleDIY/YouTube

Watch: How to optimise your storage space like SuzelleDIY [video]

There’s it! This is how you can optimise your storage space in the kitchen like SuzelleDIY.

Watch: How to optimise your st

Photo: SuzelleDIY/YouTube

O is for organisation! After SuzelleDIY shared her tips and tricks for making your own reusable disinfectant wipes, South Africa’s favourite DIY expert went on to demonstrate how to keep your kitchen organised like Marie Kondo. Yes, SuzelleDIY is back with another DIY web episode for her new ‘Suzellphabet’ series.

SuzelleDIY’s best organisation hacks

“Today I’m going to show you how to optimize your kitchen storage,” Suzelle said along with the video. “I also show you some creative tote bag storage! And how to fold your tea towels neatly! Watch the video for all my tips and tricks for organising! There you have it — you won’t even recognise your kitchen cupboard!”

These tips are not only helpful in organising space, but therapeutic, says Suzelle. Check it out down below:


After sharing her best Easter hacks and a ‘how to’ video on making your own face mask, SuzelleDIY is still going at it with her ‘Suzellphabet’ series.

Fans of Suzelle have a total of 26 episodes to look forward to. Some of Suzelle’s favourite episodes include I is for Iron Hacks (who knew you could make toasted cheese using a clothing iron?) “Oh gosh! You are in for some big surprises and creative projects of your heart’s desire,” Suzelle said when introducing the project for the first time. From making various times out of jeans to making your very own foot-operated hand sanitizer station by using everyday things, Suzelle is still going at it with her series. And luckily, it’s not over yet! There are still 11 episodes left – and we wonder what DIY project SuzelleDIY has in store next?

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