Tebogo Lerole and Khanyi Mbau breakup

Tebogo Lerole and Khanyi Mbau are the latest celebrity couple to split

Another celebrity breakup as Khanyi Mbau splits from Tebogo Lero

Lockdown is getting the better of romance with several A-list Mzansi couples heading for a breakup over the past months.

Tebogo Lerole and Khanyi Mbau breakup

Tebogo Lerole and Khanyi Mbau are the latest celebrity couple to split

Love is losing out in lockdown as the pair parted after reuniting a year and a half ago. However, they are not the only celebs calling it a day on their relationship.

The infamous Queen of Bling took the most popular way of making announcements these days — social media — to inform the public of her separation from musician Tebogo Lerole.

This is the second time that the pair, who had been together for a decade, split.

Fighting to make things work

When Khanyi and Tebogo first announced that they were dating way back in 2009, the news came as a shock to most people. The melodic Tebogo did not look like Khanyi’s “type”.

Mind you, Khanyi was still fresh from her “power couple” status with wealthy ex-husband Mandla Mthembu, complete with matching yellow Lamborghinis. And Tebogo was “just” a member of Kwela Tebza, with no Lambo.

However, the couple made things work against all odds, making them favourites among fans.

They fought to stay together but “it wasn’t enough” and as a result, Tebogo has chosen to take a different path, leaving Khanyi with no other option but to respect that decision.

So, does that mean that he is the one who dumped THE Khanyi?

Love in lockdown is no longer locked down

The COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown are not only hitting businesses hard, but also taking a toll on romantic relationships. Many couples staying separately who had decided to stay together for the duration of the lockdown, have had a hard time making things work — and as a result, have called things off.

First it was the lovely Lerato Kganyago and Thami Ndlala; then it was the controversial Zodwa Wabantu and Vusi Buthelezi. Next up was LootLove and rapper Reason, then Kay Sibiya and his beautiful baby mama Judie Kama and now it is Khanyi Mbau and Tebogo Lerole.

Is it the lockdown? Is spending much more time with their partners making them second-guess their relationship? Are they finding out some other habits of their partners that they do not like?

According to a report in Forbes magazine, only 18% of couples in quarantine are satisfied with their communication during this pandemic. Communication is everything, and good communication is one of the most important features in ensuring that a relationship is healthy.

From verbal to physical

breakup Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala
Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala

One couple who have never shied away from speaking about or even showing their love for each other, are TV personality Moshe Ndiki and musician Phelo Bala.

This colourful couple was recently trending after making the front page of the Sunday Sun with allegations of physical abuse between each other.

The drama is unfolding in statements going back and forth with “he said, he said …” that even involved court dates.

Not so long ago, this couple was showing us how to keep the fire burning between couples during this lockdown, but it seems that same fire has now burnt them. Ouch!