Chester Missing has lambasted SA ministers who receive water, electricity and a number of other perks too.
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Ouch! Chester Missing slams SA ministers’ ‘free electricity, water’

Puppet Chester Missing has slammed the ‘soft life’ of SA ministers, who qualify for free electricity. water and plenty of perks.


Chester Missing has lambasted SA ministers who receive water, electricity and a number of other perks too.
Image via Twitter

Chester Missing – the ‘political analyst’ puppet – has reacted angrily to a recent report revealing that ministers and their deputies in South Africa are exempt from paying for any municipal services – which include water and electricity.

This follows backlash after President Cyril Ramaphosa updated the ministerial handbook in April, permitting those in office to qualify for free utilities


In a report published this week, it was revealed that in addition to SA ministers getting a multi-million Rand salary per annum, they were privy to perks like free water and electricity.

According to the updated ministerial handbook that came into effect on 13 April, “the department responsible for public works shall be responsible for the costs associated with the provision of water and electricity to official residences”.

Previously ministers had a R5000 cap on their water and electricity bills at their official residences at the Bryntirion Estate in Pretoria. According to Rapport, this is the same substation that provides uninterrupted power to the Union Buildings

And for those residing in their private residences, City Press reports that the government spent over R2 million to purchase generators for cabinet members and their deputies’ private use.

It doesn’t stop there. President Ramaphosa also increased the budget for luxury vehicle shopping, added the publication.


Following the news that has upset many South Africans, Chester Missing weighed in with his tongue-in-cheek outlook on the injustice.

He jokingly said of ministers who are exempt from load shedding and utility bills: “Why? It’s not like that actually doing any work. Apparently, they need to be available 24 hours a day. For what?

“What does [transport minister] Fikile Mbalula need to be available for 24 hours a day? Does he have an emergency selfie he needs to take or a high priority TikTok he needs to see to?

“Does [public enterprise minister] Pravin Gordhan really need electricity so he can do what he has been doing about load-shedding this entire time: absolutely freakin’ nothing? You don’t need electricity to do anything, Pravin. Ask home affairs [department].

“Have you seen Gwede Mantashe? The economy will do better if we take away his electricity. It’s ironic. They’re not able to make sure we get electricity or water, and they dont have to pay for it.

He added: “With the amount of sh** ministers give us, the very least they can do is pay to flush it away”.


Chester Missing’s views were echoed by Jacaranda FM presenter Rob Forbes.

He tweeted: “No Minister in South Africa deserves free water or power, while the rest of us struggle. The fact that they get these things for free while we carry Eskom/NERSA increases and watershedding fees, is ridiculous”.

And tweeps agreed too…

@michaelvilj37: “If they are given free house, free transport, free electricity and water, then surely they can have their pay cut by at least 66%. Since they don’t have any living costs. Must be hard to earn so much and not have any reason to spend it, yet it still disappears”

@Fallen_Ang3l78: “So clearly they will even worry less due to having generators. Probably get free petrol and diesel as well. Their electricity must be off first and longer than ours”

@DURITZ79: “@CyrilRamaphosa how do you justify giving a cabinet minister that earns R2,4million an annum free electricity and water? While people are dying from power outages at public hospitals and children are drowning in pit toilets at public schools?”

@Yvonne39676406: “You would think they would feel a sense of shame. Even the poor are paying for there water and electricity. It’s a travesty. Very sad reflection on the governing party”