getting good sleep is not so hard

A good night’s sleep does wonders. Image via Unsplash

Sleep divorce: Is sleeping apart the secret to a happy marriage?

Many couples have agreed that sleeping in separate beds is the best thing they could do for their marriages. What do you think?

getting good sleep is not so hard

A good night’s sleep does wonders. Image via Unsplash

For many couples, the best part of marriage is the consistent cuddles and nighttime snuggles. A lot of online couples have however said that sleeping in separate beds at night has not only kept them happily together but has also greatly improved their marriage.

Sleep divorce is apparently life’s greatest gift to marriage

Taking to TikTok, many couples shared how they made the decision to sleep in separate rooms at night and haven’t looked back ever.

This prompted a response from a doctor who agreed that “sleep divorce” is actually great for marriage.

Doctor says sleeping apart is great for marriage

Sleeping in the same bed as a couple is a given – well it used to be. It appears more and more couples are now practicing “sleep divorce” to get a better night’s rest and @dr.karanr has agreed with them.

Taking to TikTok, the Dr shared how falling asleep in different rooms at night is actually beneficial for couples and marriages.

“You should always go to bed alone. If the other person moves a lot or snores, it will prevent you from getting into the deep stages of sleep your body needs to recharge,” he says.

He also adds that when two people go to bed together, most of the time one of the people is left deeply sleep-deprived. Watch his video below:

Here’s what netizens think

Lily said:

“But cuddles ???? aren’t cuddles good for the heart or something.”

Ashleigh Cilliers said:

“Personally I snooze better with a partner in the bed. Don’t wake up in the night, wake up feeling more refreshed, plus I get really really cold in bed.”

the_fomas said:

“This actually sounds legit. My wife snores like a rhino and I’m like a human radiator. She can sleep for 12 hours but is lucky to get 5 hours.”

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