Zanzibar will save its historic Mkumbuu Ruins. Image Pexels

Zanzibar will save its historic Mkumbuu Ruins. Image Pexels

Saving Zanzibar’s ruins from rising sea levels

The Zanzibar Government will construct a 500 metre seawall of to protect the Mkumbuu City ruins from being washed away.

Zanzibar will save its historic Mkumbuu Ruins. Image Pexels

Zanzibar will save its historic Mkumbuu Ruins. Image Pexels

Sadly, Zanzibar’s ancient Mkumbuu ruins will face sea invasion if nothing is done to protect them from rising sea levels.


The Mkumbuu Ruins are located in the South Pemba Region. They lie at the end of a long narrow peninsula known as Ras Mkumbuu.

The ruins mainly date from the 9th century CE and were abandoned in the 16th century. However, there are indications that they were built over older foundations.

Most notable among these ruins is that of a large mosque which was for some time the largest structure of its type in sub-Saharan Africa. 

The city is one of the key tourist attraction sites in Pemba Islands.


Khamis Ali Juma, co-ordinator for the Department of Museums and Antiquities in Pemba, said a number of measures were being taken to protect Mkumbuu from rising sea levels.

“We have planned to construct a barrier measuring about five hundred metres to protect the historic site of Mkumbuu, along with rehabilitating other historic sites in Pemba Islands. The budget for the project is about TZS2.4bn (R 17m),” Juma said, per Travelnews.


Zanzibar is a much-loved destination for South Africans, who enjoy holidaying in the island archipelago.

The island is the home of idyllic beaches, balmy weather, and warm tropical waters. The archipelago boasts a fascinating history and rich culture.  

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Zanzibar’s colourful heritage has been influenced by various elements from Arabic, Indian, African, Persian and Portuguese cultures. Thus, its unique history adds a vibrant dimension to the island.

The historic centre of Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The alleyways of historic Stone Town show off the city’s historic architectural styles.   

Stone Town is the birthplace of Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury. Mercury’s home in the centre of historic Stone Town is a popular tourist attraction for visitors from all over the planet.

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