r700 000 booze bill

Somebody’s R740k booze bill for New Year’s went viral

It’s a Festivus Mystery!

r700 000 booze bill

Update: We have added Kyle’s conclusion

Every once in a while, an extravagant booze bill goes viral. Sometimes it’s on purpose, other times, it’s by accident.

The latest instalment of South Africans living large is a bill from 24 December 2017 which totals over R700 000 – and includes a R600 000 bottle of 50-year old Glenfiddich.

According to TimesLive, the authenticity of the slip could not be independently verified, but the publication claims it tracked down the man whose name appears on the slip.

He is apparently a 28-year old (yeah, we feel like total failures now) who lives in Durban and works as an “underground binary trader”. The guy did not want to be named and says that the photo ‘accidentally leaked’ to social media.

It’s not clear where the purchase was made, but the man who bought the pricey booze says the Glenfiddich is for New Year’s – he only bought it because there are ‘a few bottles in South Africa’.

This viral bill also features a host of other assorted, very expensive delights.

If R600 000 is a bit out of your budget, don’t stress. You can buy a shot of the stuff for a mere R18 000 at the Cape Grace in the V&A Waterfront. The Bascule Whisky‚ Wine and Cocktail Bar sells these if you feel like a treat. (This was from a story Kyle had written earlier in the year and is the reason why he grew suspicious).

But, let’s get back to this slip.

Since the story was first published, Kyle Cowan, the reporter who did the story has started asking some serious questions, mostly about the receipt itself and whether it was, perhaps, faked.

Firstly, as you can tell, the purchase seems to have happened at some strange hour in the morning. It features a table number, the name of a waitress as well as a cashier and a tip – not exactly standard practice for buying booze from a shop.

Kyle also questioned why the totals all seem to be ‘round numbers’.

The guy whose name appears on the slip (another rather odd thing) has been tracked down. And judging by his Facebook page, he is living his best life – with pictures of expensive booze and Rolex watches plastered all over. But Kyle is not convinced… so he is sleuthing.

If you’re interested to read more head on over to  Kyle’s Twitter profile. We were like like ????????????????????????.

However, he has since deduced that the patron must have bought his goodies from a bar or a club somewhere in Cape Town.

Fair enough, now let’s talk about that tip…although, maybe that was the R3000 extra that was “tendered” and not the amount written on the slip….