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Petition barring Trump from entering UK on State Visit gets more than 1 million signatures

An online petition calling for Donald Trump to be banned from entering the United Kingdom on an official state visit has reached more than a million signatures, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.

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Prevent Donald Trump from making a State Visit to the United Kingdom is going nuts, with close to 1.2 million people having already signed it.

The idea of the petition isn’t necessarily to stop oll’ Trumpadoodle from entering the UK at all, but to prevent him from doing so in an official State Visit.

“Donald Trump should be allowed to enter the UK in his capacity as head of the US Government, but he should not be invited to make an official State Visit because it would cause embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen,” the petition’s opening statement reads.

“Donald Trump’s well documented misogyny and vulgarity disqualifies him from being received by Her Majesty the Queen or the Prince of Wales. Therefore during the term of his presidency Donald Trump should not be invited to the United Kingdom for an official State Visit,” it continues.

In the United Kingdom, parliament has to respond to petitions that garner more than 100 000 signatures and the government itself does so after just 10 000, so it’s really just a waiting game now.

If you’d like to sign the petition, click on through.