This young girl did not hand R40 million in to the police. Image via Twitter: @itstyroneprins

No…a schoolgirl DID NOT find R40m and hand it over to the police!

Fake news: Social media has been set alight by the story of a schoolgirl who found a bag with R40 million and gave it to the police!


This young girl did not hand R40 million in to the police. Image via Twitter: @itstyroneprins

People have been discussing a bizarre story about a schoolgirl who handed R40 million to police after finding it in a bag. The story seems to have upset many who believe the girl should not have handed in the cash. The story has now been debunked as completely fake.

There never was R40 million!

Mzansi reacts hilariously to the schoolgirl’s R40m story

Social media is a weird and wonderful place and some of the stories one finds there are enough to blow your mind. One such story has been doing the rounds online and let’s just say many South Africans are baffled.

The story started with a photo of a young girl standing with a police officer as she holds a certificate. The caption reads that the young girl was given the certificate because she handed in a bag filled with R40 million.

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The post has gone absolutely viral as many people bash the schoolgirl for handing in the money instead of keeping it.

@Kibi_klein wrote:

“Imagine returning R40Mil then 4 years later, you get rejected by NSFAS and you don’t have enough money to further your studies.”

@Ngaziii said:

“Taking R40mil to the POLICE??? As in SAPS??? No way, why would you give it back to criminals???”

Fact check: The story is a lie!

Many people did not believe the story because well, R40 million in cash would be way too heavy. Especially for a small girl to carry all the way to the police station.

One tweep went as far as finding the original post that shows that the photo is quite old and had nothing to do with R40 million. The young girl in the photo is just one of many students who were awarded certificates at her school.

Meanwhile Kasi Economy, a local page dedicated to promoting South African entrepreneurs and success stories have also confirmed that the story is completely fake.

“We have spoken to several sources from Seanamarena High School. The R40mil story is false,” reads a tweet on their page.

One young lady who did accidentally get sent money actually used it but is now paying the price.

Sibongile Mani received a “windfall” of more than R14 million into her student account.

Mani, who was an accountancy student at the university, allegedly accidentally received R14.1-million from the NSFAS on 1 June 2017, and went on a spending spree, instead of reporting the error to the fund.

Her trial has since stared in October this year.

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