Jashmir chats to The South African about his summer hit ‘Ke Dezemba’ featuring Verge The Rapper. Image: Supplied

‘Ke Dezemba’: Jashmir’s hit that inspired SA’s festive vibes [watch]

The song for summer: Jashmir chats to The South African about his hit song ‘Ke Dezemba’ that inspired #KeDezemba festivities.


Jashmir chats to The South African about his summer hit ‘Ke Dezemba’ featuring Verge The Rapper. Image: Supplied

1 December in South Africa marks the beginning of the festive season. The South African caught up with Jashem Joel Govindsamy aka Jashmir, who is the producer of the song that inspired “Dezemba” vibes in Mzansi, Ke Dezemba. The Durban-based producer let us in on how Ke Dezemba came about and also shared three tips for youngsters this festive season. 


Jashmir is a 21-year-old DJ and producer from Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. You may have heard one of his most popular tracks on TikTok, Amaiphone, that samples the iPhone ringtone. The track went viral and peaked at number 25 on South African iTunes charts. 

“My love for music started back when I was 13 years old. I used to watch a lot of Tomorrowland videos of EDM artists like Hardwell and KSHMR which ignited my passion for electronic dance music and music in general,” said Jashmir. 

The talented producer says social media has opened a lot of doors for him in his career and mainly credits the video-sharing app TikTok for his success. 

“TikTok gave me a platform to showcase my popular ‘meme remix’ trends which ended up going viral all over the world. My iPhone ringtone amapiano remix is what boosted my career and helped me gain new fans in 2020.”


Jashmir’s hot amapiano track Ke Dezemba inspired the highly-anticipated “Dezemba” vibes in South Africa. The 21-year-old DJ explained that producing the song only took two days. 

“I had the idea whilst taking a brisk walk outside in the yard and I decided to call up my good friend Verge The Rapper and he got into studio and recorded the vocals for the song and sent it back to me that same day.”

“I stayed up all night working on those vocals and created a catchy amapiano beat and when I sent Verge a preview, we already knew this was going to be the song for summer in SA.”

Kashmir and Verge The Rapper’s Ke Dezemba music video gives us the perfect preview of what every December is like for South Africans. The music video has raked in over 11 000 YouTube views and Mzansi could also be expecting a remix soon.

“We did discuss it for this year but unfortunately we got extremely busy and didn’t get a chance to complete it, but there will definitely be a remix with a new feature artist on it.” 


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Most youngsters in South Africa are looking forward to December to letting their hair down after a stressful year but with fun also comes safety and responsibility. Jashmir has three tips for Mzansi youngsters this festive season. 

“Party safe and take all the necessary precautions, save money because you don’t want to be broke in ‘Janu-worry’ and have good clean fun with your peers.”

Jashmir is excited about the upcoming gigs he has lined up for December. “A lot more people are getting vaccinated so that helps us have the events,” he added.

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