Postbox Courier offers service

Postbox Courier offers services to South Africans at home and abroad

PBC will deliver your gifts before Christmas if they have them by 11 December.

Postbox Courier offers service

PBC has been offering courier services from the UK to South Africa since 2012. It was originally set up as an alternative to unreliable postal services, and overly priced courier services, for South African expats to send stuff back home.

They now have depots in New York City, London Heathrow and Hong Kong, where they consolidate shipments and fly directly with the airlines to their PBC office in Johannesburg, where they handle Customs clearance in house, making a seamless service which is very safe, secure, and reliable.

Gary Hamilton, Co-Founder of Postbox Courier, explains: “I was in the freight industry based at Heathrow and my South African friends would always give me bits and pieces to send back to families for birthdays Christmas etc – at mates rates of course!

“So I set up this service to be everybody’s ‘friend in freight’ and offer reasonable rates and a flawless service.”

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Transit times are 3-4 days from the UK and 4-6 days from the US and HK. They’ll deliver before Christmas if they receive your goods by 11 December.

Prices from the UK start at GBP14.99 for the first 500grams and they have a quick quote calculator on their home page to work out costs for larger items or to get quotes from other origins to SA.

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Benefits for South Africans in SA:

– Import from US, UK, HK/China vendors via your respective Postbox in each of those origins.

– Combine several purchases from different vendors into a single shipment, saving on freight costs and clearing costs.

– Access goods which are not readily available in SA or which you can snap up in a bargain in upcoming sales such as Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

Benefits for South Africans Abroad:

– Send items (gifts, Christmas cards etc) back home to loved ones with the knowledge that it won’t be lost in the post/take months to arrive.

– Save heaps compared with using big name couriers who offer similar transit times.

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