Emigration: East or West? Whic


Emigration: East or West? Which US coast is best?

If you’re considering a move to the States, which side of the vast country do you think would suit you best?

Emigration: East or West? Whic


There are obvious benefits to living on either of America’s coasts. There’s the East Coast, with its beautiful seasons and the jewel in its crown, New York City. Then there’s the West Coast, with its perfect weather and scenic coastline.

Some people may not have a choice where they emigrate to, as their move may be a company transfer, or it’s based solely on work opportunities or family location. But for the fortunate few who have the choice of where to live, we’ve broken down some of the pros of living coastal so that you can determine if you’re more of a west coaster, or an east coaster.

The East Coast

Historically, the East Coast is a big deal. Between the Civil War battlefields, Plymouth Rock and Washington DC, the East Coast is littered with places of historical interest.

If you’re into experiencing four actual seasons, the East Coast is definitely for you. The distinction between seasons gives people another reason to celebrate and helps them really feel the passage of time. It also feels less ‘weird’ celebrating holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas when the weather is really cold.

Good public transport along the East Coast means that both city and suburban living are entirely doable without the need for a car.

Schools and colleges on the East Coast are renowned for being really good. People who live on the East Coast think there is no contest when it comes to comparing their educational facilities with the West Coast’s.

As far as holidaying goes, cities on the East Coast allow for quick and easy travel to Europe, Africa and South America.

The West Coast

The weather. Nobody can dispute the fact that the West Coast weather is hard to beat. Temperate climes mean that the beautiful beaches that are scattered along the coastline can be enjoyed all year round.

Business-wise, the West Coast has entrepreneurial opportunities that the East Coast doesn’t. Sure, the East Coast has a thriving economic climate, but as far as innovative, entrepreneurial avenues, the West Coast is the hands-down winner.

The West Coast offers easy access to Asian travel destinations as well as access to places like Fiji and New Zealand.

There is a general sense of happiness and ease that West Coast dwellers have. There’s no sense of angst or a major sense of urgency and stress, but there is the sense that life is a bit slower and more able to be enjoyed when you live on the West Coast – you don’t need to keep up with the rat race, often associated with East Coast living.

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