How do South African staples c


How do South African staples compare in price to the US?

You may be surprised by the results.

How do South African staples c


For people considering a move overseas, one of the main considerations is whether or not you will be able to maintain the standard of living you are used to in South Africa.

This ranges from the cost of labour to the cost of babysitters, to the cost of houses. We are aware that the cost of living in South Africa has sky-rocketed recently, with electricity costs and petrol costs affecting almost all spheres of the economy, but how do the prices of staple foods and household items compare to the States?

We wanted to find out how much the average basket of groceries will cost you in each country so we chatted to the immigration experts at Grant Kaplan. They have helped thousands of families who have decided to make a move across the world. This is what we discovered:

ProductWoolworthsAmazon FreshRand difference
6 eggsR19,99$2,89 (R41,67)– R21,68
Low GI breadR19,99$4,00 (R57,68)– R37,69
2l full cream milkR24,99$3,00 (R43,26)– R18,27
900g cheddar cheeseR149,99$18,00 (R259,56)– R109,57
1kg basmati riceR53,99$1,49 (R47,66)+ R6,33
1,5kg applesR37,99$5,00 (R72,10)– R34,11
Organic bananasR24,99$2,00 (R28,84)– R3,85
400ml shampooR71,99$3,99 (R57,53)+ R14,46
750ml washing liquidR29,99$0,99 (R14,42)+ 15,57
TOTAL:R433,91R622,72– R188,81

So, a shopping basket of staple items (bearing in mind the current exchange rate of R14,42 to the dollar) is cheaper to buy in South Africa.

However, the weak exchange rate and the low salaries combined with inflation are causing many South Africans to consider emigration. And despite the slight decrease in unemployment rates in South Africa, there is a general feeling of uncertainty amongst many South Africans when it comes to SA’s economic future.

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