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Love Island: Filming in Cape Town marred by escalating gang wars

While the incident took place a fair distance away from the location of the villa, the escalating gang violence has left the stars of the show fear-struck.

love island

Photo: Love Island / TW

Reports suggest that producers of the hit reality TV show Love Island are shaken by the gang-related murder of a well-renowned security boss.

‘Love Island’ producers shaken by Cape Town gang wars

As reported by The Sun, the show is currently being filmed at a luxurious villa, in Cape Town, South Africa. The location of the villa has not been made public, as a measure of ensuring the safety of the contestants.

However, according to an insider who spoke to the cited publication, worries have escalated after it was reported, on Sunday, that Tim Lotter, the owner of Extreme Security Measures, was gunned down by a hail of bullets on the corner of Giel Basson and Frans Conradie Drive, in Cape Town’s northern suburbs.

While the incident took place a fair distance away from the location of the villa, the escalating gang violence in Cape Town has stricken fear in the stars of the show.

“Producers aren’t taking any chances. It’s been arranged for armed guards to patrol the compound throughout the series. They will have them surrounding the area so there is no chance of any breaches…” the show’s insider revealed.

Who is behind the murder of Tim Lotter?

Lotter’s death is currently under investigation and according to early indications, the murder has been linked to ongoing gang violence for control over security in Cape Town’s nightclubs.

According to a source who spoke to IOL News, Lotter may have angered the Sexy Boys — an infamous Cape Flats gang — in his recent business decisions.

“Prior to his death Lotter was allegedly linked to the nightclub security controlled by the Sexy Boys and other underworld figures.

“It is alleged he jumped ship and joined forces with rivals in the underworld and when the Sexy Boys got wind of it, decided to take him out,” the source said.

At this time, no key arrests have been made, and by all indications, Love Island filming has not ben halted.

What’s the reality TV show all about?

Love Island follows a group of men and women who participate in a series of tasks, with a partner that they keep swapping until they meet the love of their life.