This dad is hilarious

Images via Instagram @onadventurewithdad

A mom’s worst nightmare: Dad’s hilarious photoshopped baby pics go viral

A mischievous dad has left the world giggling after he started editing his kids into dangerous situations before sending the snaps to his worried wife.

This dad is hilarious

Images via Instagram @onadventurewithdad

Being a mom also comes with the need to know whether or not your kids are okay whenever you are not around them. A hilarious dad found a way to make his wife stress and the world laugh after he started sending hilarious photoshopped photos to her whenever she asked if the little ones were doing alright in his care.

A creative dad with a crazy imagination

A dad with a super wild imagination and the skills to go wild has left the internet in stitches with hilariously bizarre photoshopped images of his little ones. Kenny Deus, a digital creator, has become an online sensation after the photos he sends to his wife whenever she asks about the kids, went viral.

On his Instagram Deus explains how he came up with the idea to use Photoshop to edit his little one Alix into incredibly dangerous situations to stress her mom out whenever she asked if Alix was doing okay.

The internet loved his crazy tactics

While Deus’s aim was to make his wife cringe, he has left the world in stitches. His photos have gone viral as many people share their thoughts on what it must be like in his household. He is also very chuffed that he has brought smiles to many faces and had this to say after spotting that he and his little Alix had gone viral:

“Every time the story gets picked up, I get so many positive reactions. It’s really great to hear how it affects people,” Kenny told In The Know.

“I didn’t realize my pictures could have such a big impact on some people. And I’m glad I can give them a laugh to start their day in a positive way.”

Here’s what other moms (and dads) have to say:

@manlistic commented:

“Their home will be a very lively place.”

mrianlloyd said:

“Mate you bring me giggle most times. This is gold.”

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