Steve Harvey

Peeps are not feeling Steve Harvey’s relationship advice. Image: Via

The shout, the whisper and the stare-down: Steve Harvey offers parental advice [watch]

An entertaining 2019 clip from the ‘Steve Harvey Show’ shows the comedian offer alternative methods for parents to discipline their kids.

Steve Harvey

Peeps are not feeling Steve Harvey’s relationship advice. Image: Via

A clip from 2019 by 64-year-old entertainer Steve Harvey offers alternative ways to discipline your kids without the need to shout. The actor and comedian believes there are more disciplinary measures where parents can provide kids with the same message in a different but effective way.

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In an old episode of the Steve Harvey Show, Harvey addresses his audience on the method of how parents can discipline their kids without shouting at them.

I don’t know how I would have raised my kids without yelling, admits Harvey to his audience.

The whisper

Harvey goes on to offer a hilarious example of how an average parent shouts at their kid to tell them to not do something. He points out that the standard shouting works, but can be delivered in a more peaceful manner, or a whisper.

After providing a funny example of how a parent can discipline their kids by whispering, he mentions that it can be more effective because of how intimidating it can be for the child.

Clenched teeth

Another method provided by Harvey is the “clenched teeth” method, which is something that was used on him by his mother during church. He shows the audience how his mother would maintain her smile in a public space and quietly discipline a young Harvey.

The stare-down

The stare-down is also regarded as an effective method by Harvey:

It’s the long look, the stare-down, which turns into a squint, jokes Harvey who goes onto demonstrate how the stare-down plays out and how parents can communicate their disaproval just by starring and squinting seriously at their kids.

Silent mouthing

The last method he gave his audience was silent mouthing, where he communicated the same message, with the same intimidating body language but without shouting.

As funny as this segment of this show was, Harvey managed to communicate the importance of parents disciplining their kids without being violent or forceful.

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