joslin smith, gayton mckenzie

Joslin Smith’s biological father believes the missing child’s mother and partner are to blame for her disappearance.
Images via YouTube screenshot: eNCA

‘Drug debt’: Joslin’s biological dad calls for arrest of mom, stepdad [watch]

Gayton McKenzie as well as Joslin Smith’s biological father have called for the arrest of the missing child’s mom and stepdad…

joslin smith, gayton mckenzie

Joslin Smith’s biological father believes the missing child’s mother and partner are to blame for her disappearance.
Images via YouTube screenshot: eNCA

Gayton McKenzie has backed calls by the biological father of Joslin Smith to have the missing child’s mother, Kelly, and her partner, Jacquin Appollis, arrested.

Jose Emke spoke to eNCA about his suspicions following the disappearance of his six-year-old daughter.

Joslin went missing from her home in Diazville, Saldanha Bay, on Monday, 19 February. At the time of her disappearance, she was in the care of her stepfather.


Speaking to eNCA, Joslin Smith’s dad, Jose Emke, claimed his ex-partner Kelly and her now boyfriend Jacquin Appollis were “hiding something.”

Emke – who is based in Northern Cape – claimed Kelly did not inform him about the disappearance of Joslin. Instead, he found out from other sources.

He said: “I don’t believe the stories they told because there are a lot of different stories.

“They could be in drug debt. The people who are selling drugs can even hurt my child.

He added: “They must be arrested and tell the police the truth about my child’s disappearance.”

Earlier this week, Kelly told Gayton McKenzie that her partner and her child were not at home when she returned from work the day Joslin disappeared. She called him, and they later searched for the child together before calling the police.

However, in a conflicting report to eNCA, Appollis – also known as Boeta – claimed he was “home all day.” He claims the child went to play at another house.


Meanwhile, Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie has also called for the arrest of those in the home when Joslin Smith went missing.

The politician has been leading an active search alongside the community for the missing Saldanha Bay girl.

This includes searching various locations and interviewing multiple eyewitnesses. He’s also followed up on several leads.

He posted on Facebook: “Arrest all three of them….How can three different versions be told from three different people at the same scene? How can these people contradict each other so much?”

Arrest all 3 including Nielo

Arrest all 3 of them including Nielo Listen and listen carefully to what these people are saying. Pls tell me how can 3 different versions be told from 3 different people at the same scene. The stepdad says that he saw Joshlin at 2pm the last time, Stefanno says Renz was the one who send Joshlin to go look after her kids and followed Joshlin, Renz says that Joshlin came at nite and immediately says again at 2pm in same sentence. I can go on and on about the many obvious omissions in their different versions. How can these ppl contradict each other so much. Pls watch the video and make up your own mind.

Posted by Gayton Mckenzie on Thursday, 29 February 2024

Gayton has also expressed his concerns that Kelly and Jacquin are still abusing drugs after they recently passed their polygraph tests.

He said in a Facebook Live: “She [Kelly] says they were clean for seven days, which I personally doubt. Because when you’re clean, you go cold turkey. Tik is not an easy thing to leave.

“She was totally fine, which tells me that is not the behaviour of someone who has gone off Tik.

He continued: “I’m mentioning this because when you take a lie detector test, and you’re high on drugs, it messes with the system because your pulse and heart rate is not correct. I don’t think that the lie detector test should be conclusive. A polygraph test and a drug test do not mix.

Addressing Kelly, he added: “If you are innocent, you will take a drug test because you have nothing to hide”.

joslin smith, gayton mckenzie, lie detector
Gayton Mckenzie believes the lie detector results of Joslin Smith’s mom should be deemed inconclusive. Images via Facebook Live: Gayton McKenzie