Bonga Sithole. Images via Twitter @SisandaQ

Bonga Sithole. Images via Twitter @SisandaQ

Bonga Sithole Biography: Age, career, TikTok and height

Discover the inspiring journey of Bonga, from his affluent upbringing to overcoming adversity, and pursuing his dream.

Bonga Sithole. Images via Twitter @SisandaQ

Bonga Sithole. Images via Twitter @SisandaQ

Meet Bonga Sithole, a remarkable figure in South Africa whose story captivates and inspires. Despite facing the challenges of homelessness, Bonga’s eloquence and resilience shine through, making him a beacon of hope amidst adversity.

Bonga gained widespread attention when a video of him speaking eloquently in English while living on the streets went viral. His articulate expression and poignant insights touched the hearts of many across Mzansi. In the bustling streets of Auckland Park, Johannesburg, Bonga shared his story, revealing the struggles he faced while maintaining a hopeful outlook for the future.


Full Name Bonga Sithole
Gender Male
Date of birth 16th November 1987
Place of birth Zola, Soweto, South African
Age (At the time of publishing)  36 Years
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Nationality South African
Height 5 feet 5 inches
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Black
Sexual orientation Straight
Social media accounts Tiktok


Bonga Sithole was born on November 16, 1987, beginning his journey in an Afrikaans Primary School. Displaying remarkable intellect and proficiency in English beyond his years, young Bonga swiftly progressed from Grade 2 to Grade 4. His academic prowess hinted at a promising future, yet behind the facade of success lay the shadow of familial discord.

Despite his academic achievements, Sithole’s childhood was overshadowed by the tumult of his parents’ divorce. As per Biographygist, the dissolution of their marriage left an indelible mark on his upbringing, casting a pall over what should have been formative years of joy and innocence. As he navigated the complexities of adolescence, Bonga found himself grappling with the emotional fallout of his parent’s separation, a burden that weighed heavily on his young shoulders and shaped his outlook on life.


Bonga Sithole’s journey has taken a surprising turn as he ventures into a new career path, recording voice-overs for Fundi, an education finance and fund management firm. According to IOL, the organisation discovered Sithole after his viral videos caught their attention, showcasing his remarkable speaking abilities despite his homeless circumstances.

Although Sithole briefly connected with Fundi in November 2022, he soon found himself in a rehab facility. However, citing “spiritual” reasons, he discharged himself and returned to the streets of Auckland Park, Johannesburg. Despite facing challenges, Sithole’s charismatic nature and engaging conversations with passersby propelled him to fame on social media.

Now boasting a large following online, Sithole keeps his audience entertained with updates on his adventures. He encourages his followers to join him on his social media platforms. Where he shares his experiences as a “social being” embracing life’s journey. However, Sithole’s path has not been without criticism, as some have accused him of being ungrateful for the opportunities presented to him. Yet, others advocate for compassion and understanding, recognizing the complexities of addiction and the challenges Sithole faces on his road to recovery.


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Bonga Sithole’s personal life remains cloaked in mystery, with scant details emerging about his current situation. The complexities of his recent experiences have cast a shadow over his private affairs, leaving much to speculation. As he navigates fame, employment opportunities, and battles with substance abuse, Sithole’s journey unfolds with uncertainty. Leaving observers intrigued yet uncertain about the intricacies of his personal life.


He boasts a TikTok following exceeding 36.7K followers. Hence, showcasing the widespread impact of his story and the resonance of his message with audiences worldwide.