YouTube video fitness stars YouTubers

No equipment, no problem: These five YouTube stars make exercise easy

The gym may still be closed, but you can turn almost any space you have into a home exercise studio with these five YouTube fitness gurus.

YouTube video fitness stars YouTubers

With gyms closed, most of our New Year’s resolutions to finally get that dream body have turned to dust.

There is little motivation to see the goal through while fighting online school on one hand and a global pandemic on the other.

According to UK research on students and health, regular exercise not only improves your physical health it also promotes brain development and improves concentration.

So you want to get that degree AND that dream body? These YouTubers have short routines which you can fit in between study breaks.

Chloe Ting

With 13.4m subscribers and an average of a million views per episode, Chloe Ting is undoubtedly amongst the most popular fitness gurus on YouTube. She posts regular videos which are tailored for the goal you’re chasing.

PRO: She offers free fitness which range from two to four weeks. Challenges are beneficial because they give you a goal and a reason to see things through.

CON: The programs include a lot of planks and jumps. This might be difficult for those with knee problems or bad backs.

Mr and Mrs Muscle

Mr and Mrs Muscle are a fitness couple who focus on fast and effective HIIT workouts. Their routines focus on losing weight loss, burning fat and toning the entire body. Most of their workouts are completed with your body weight and require no equipment.

PRO: With over 700 videos, there is a wide range to pick from. You can choose workouts which appeal to you at that moment.

CON: The workouts are in circuit form (for example, repeat the same set of four exercises four times), and this could grow repetitive.

Cece Olisa

Cece Olisa is an award-winning fashion blogger who proves that you can be fit at any size. She is also a model and co-founder of CURVYCon, a plus-size fashion convention which takes place during New York Fashion Week.

Her motto is “Don’t wait on your weight to live the life you want”.

PRO: Her workouts are body inclusive and promote mental wellness in conjunction with physical fitness.

CON: Her channel also includes lifestyle and fashion videos and this might be distracting for someone who wants to solely focus on exercise.


After gaining a million followers in April 2020 alone, Maddie Lymburner has solidified her place as a pandemic fitness guru.

The young fitness blogger has over 200 videos which range from workouts for certain body parts, full-body workouts and dance workouts.

PRO: Her videos are easy to follow and include fun workouts such as the Tik Tok dance party workout.

CON: She doesn’t have any personalised workout programmes.

Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif is a German model who doubles as a fitness instructor. She’s also a major foodie and has written a cookbook. 

Her page features videos which mostly focus on the core, the glutes and also burning calories.

PRO: Her videos are arranged according to fitness level so you can upgrade as your fitness levels improve.

CON: Some of her videos don’t have breaks between exercises and this can be demotivating for beginners, or if you get lost along the way.