snoring most snorers cape town

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Snore city! Cape Town is home to the ‘most snorers’ in South Africa

Cape Town has been named home to one of the ‘most snorers in the world’ after the likes of Dublin and Singapore.

snoring most snorers cape town

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A new study by the sleep experts at Sleepseeker looked at the number of snoring-related searches per 1 000 people in capital cities, and found that the Mother City is home to the most snorers in South Africa…

Cape Town: Snore city?

Yes, Cape Town has been named home to some of the “most snorers in the world” after the likes of Dublin and Singapore…and being the only South African city featuring on the list — it snatches the title of the most snorers in South Africa!

It is said that snoring is a very common health issue that affects the quality of sleep of the snorer as well as that of their partner.

As snoring is quite common, the group wondered if it was more common in some places than in others. To find out where people struggle with snoring the most, they’ve looked at how many snoring-related searches were made in the last year in cities up and down the country.

The group – who hails from the United Kingdom – ultimately created a list of 50 search terms around the topic of snoring, using Answer The Public for inspiration and guidance on popular topics. Once they had their search terms, they used Google Keyword Planner to find out how many times these terms were searched in each location over the last 12 months.

The group then calculated the number of searches per 1 000 people in each location and ranked the towns and cities accordingly. This allowed them to reveal the towns and cities where snoring is the biggest problem, as well as those where it is the least.

Are you living in a snoring capital? 

Sleepseeker then found that the following cities are home to the “most snorers”: 

RankCapital/CountryPopulationSnoring SearchesSearches per 1 000 people
1Dublin, Ireland1,200,00045,51037.9
2Canberra, Australia447,69214,58032.6
3Singapore, Singapore5,790,000139,07024.0
4Wellington, New Zealand411,3469,65023.5
5London, United Kingdom9,050,000208,86023.1
6Ottawa, Canada1,360,00026,16019.2
7Kingston, Jamaica589,08310,18017.3
8Cape Town, South Africa 2,380,00038,48016.2
9Washington, D.C., United States5,210,00024,1204.6
The top capital cities with the most snorers/Sleepseekers

What casues snoring?

It is said that are a number of lifestyle factors that can increase your risk of snoring, some of which are easier to change than others.

For example, people who are overweight are more likely to snore in their sleep, as are smokers and those who drink too much alcohol. 

According to the group, luckily there are various snoring solutions for those who snore and their partners, which include:

Snoring solutions

  • Earplugs
  • Anti-snoring pillows
  • Cuttin gdown on cigarettes and alcohol
  • Regular exercise

Your sleeping position

The position in which you sleep can also have a big impact on whether or not you will snore. If you sleep on your back, then there is much greater pressure on your airways, causing them to narrow and increasing the chance of snoring.

To counter this, try sleeping on either your front or side, depending on which position suits you better. If you can only sleep on your back, then try propping yourself up with a few extra pillows so that the weight of your body is not falling directly onto your chest and airways.