summer, hair, makeup, sizzling, hacks

Don’t let the extreme summer heat get your beauty game down. These tips will have your makeup and hair looking their best. Image: Marlon Schmeiski | Pexels.

Sizzling summer: Beauty tips to beat the heat and refresh your look

Sizzling hot beauty hacks to help you beat the summer heat and keep your makeup and locks looking fresher for longer.

summer, hair, makeup, sizzling, hacks

Don’t let the extreme summer heat get your beauty game down. These tips will have your makeup and hair looking their best. Image: Marlon Schmeiski | Pexels.

South African summers can be hot, even more so when a heatwave is sizzling through the country.

But while the heat is great for beach days and pool parties, it’s not so great for on-trend hair, and makeup looks.

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The past couple of weeks has been hot. Sizzling hot, to be exact.

If your trying your hand at the latest TikTok makeup trend but want your foundation to stay on your face, check out these tips.


No one looks good with foundation running down their cheeks. And in this heat, it is bound to happen. Most foundation formulas are not able to withstand extreme heat. When your skin gets hot, it can literally slide right off. The best way to keep this from happening is to use a primer. When you apply foundation over a primer, it increases its longevity and keeps it in place – even in warm temperatures. Primers create the perfect canvas for smooth and even application and result in a luminous, flawless finish. Opt for a water-based primer and allow two to three minutes for the primer to settle on your skin before applying your foundation.


During hot summer days, matte and waterproof makeup formulas are your best friends. Some women tend to avoid matte formulas during winter as they can dry out the skin, but in heatwaves, they are the perfect choice as they help manage oil control and tend to stay put. Matt foundations and lipsticks will last all day and look as fresh as when you applied it.

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Waterproof mascara will help your lashes stay put in the extreme summer heat. Image: Shiny Diamond | Pexels.

Waterproof formulas are also not just for swimming, and perfect for withstanding sweat. Waterproof eye makeup comes in handy when you’re spending time outdoors and can also help prevent the dreaded panda eyes associated with running eyeliner and mascara. Look for a mascara that lifts, volumises and lengthens your lashes with a waterproof formula while conditioning and hydrating lashes. And don’t forget about waterproof eyeliner. It’s water- and smudge-proof, so every bold line stays where it’s meant to.


You know the saying: Ready, set, action. Before walking out the door, setting your makeup with a setting spray is important. It will keep your makeup looking perfect from morning until evening without drying out your skin. Who says you can’t look sizzling hot after a long day at the office?


Apart from makeup, hair also tends to get frizzy during extreme and humid heat. Have you ever left home with perfectly shaped curls, only to find they’ve become frizzy and unmanageable a few hours later? During the hotter months, humidity increases. When the humidity level in the air is greater than the level of water in your hair, the humidity can rearrange the bonds inside each fibre, leading to unruly frizz. Look for hair products containing emollients like shea butter and natural oils to help combat frizz and shield your hair from humidity.


Just like the skin on the rest of your body, your scalp is likely to sweat more when it’s hot. This can lead to greasy-looking roots, and you may need to wash your hair more regularly to keep it looking fresh. Make sure you invest in a lighter shampoo during summer that’s gentle enough for everyday or frequent washing (you don’t want to strip the natural oils from your scalp or dry your hair out). A nourishing formula will hydrate hair, reduce breakage, and tame frizz. Look for a product that is free of sulphates and parabens.


Like with your makeup, your hair might need a quick pick-me-up throughout the day, especially during extreme heat and humidity. The best thing to do is to keep a bottle of trusted hair mist nearby, and give your hair a few refreshing spritzes whenever necessary.

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Will YOU try any of our sizzling beaty hacks?