Hair Relaxer

What We Know About The Hair Relaxer Mass Tort?: Image: Adobe Stock

What We Know About The Hair Relaxer Mass Tort?

Hair relaxer products, according to statistics, are used frequently by millions of African American women in the US. Read more in this article

Hair Relaxer

What We Know About The Hair Relaxer Mass Tort?: Image: Adobe Stock

Imagine a situation: Jeannie visits a parlor to do hair straightening four times a year. But the chemicals used by the hairdresser expose her to harsh chemicals that cause cancer. How horrifying would that experience be? If you have recently faced such a predicament, you can possibly gain hair relaxer settlement compensation by filing a hair relaxer cancer lawsuit.  

Now to tell you about the seriousness of this situation: According to a scientific study, there is a direct correlation between hair straighteners and cancer. Chances are if you develop uterine cancer after utilizing chemical hair straighteners, it is time to take the decisive step of fighting for your right. This is where Dolman Law Firm comes into the picture. This Florida-based personal injury law firm has been at the forefront of this lawsuit since it started.

A Little Information on Hair Relaxer Mass Tort

Whenever a woman applies hair relaxer products in excess of four times in a year, chances are, she will develop any of these different types of cancers:

Uterine Cancer

Endometrial Cancer

Ovarian Cancer

Uterine Fibroids

According to a statistic, millions of African American women in the US apply hair relaxer products frequently. Women who habitually use hair relaxer products for an extensive period contract uterine cancer. Then they file product liability lawsuits against the manufacturers and seek hair relaxer cash settlement.

How Does Your Hair Get Exposed to Chemical Hair Straighteners?

All types of hair have the same molecular structure and chemical composition. An actual fact: Women with curly hair use various techniques to decorate their hair. One way to achieve it is by procuring a perm that pacifies, flattens, and uncoils your hair.

It has been observed that hair relaxers come with a high amount of pH in conjunction with solid alkali. A treatment specialist will take care of your hair by applying the relaxer on the base of the hair.

Once the content marinates, the color of your hair changes till new hair grows out. After this process, your hair remains straightened for one to two months. After that, you must opt for regular touch-ups once your hair regrows.

Certain women will keep coming back for re-touches for years. This makes them vulnerable to harsh chemicals. The bad news is although the substances present in the hair straightener, it can have an adverse effect on the protein structure of your hair. This can prove to be quite damaging.

What Diseases Can One Acquire From the Chemical Present in Hair Straightener?

Cancer is the greatest threat resulting in more chemical hair straightener lawsuits. However, if you think its effect is limited to this, you are absolutely wrong! Several women acquire uterine cancer from phthalate, which is found in hair relaxers and perms. There are two forms of uterine cancer: sarcoma and endometrial. Sarcoma can become a life-threatening condition as it grows quickly. Endometrial is commonly found and can be treated.

Fact check: Approximately 65,000 fresh endometrial cases are sported every year. Amongst those, 12,500 women die every year.

Another disease that women acquire from hair relaxer treatments is breast cancer. In case you are exposed to any of these diseases after getting exposed to these chemical hair straighteners on a regular basis, it is time for you to take the necessary steps. File a lawsuit against hair straightening manufacturers asking for a hair relaxer cash settlement.

Recruit a Law Firm That Specializes in Product Liability Claims

Note: Every product injury lawyer is different with a distinct speciality.

Before recruiting a law firm, inquire whether they have successfully depended on plaintiffs in product liability claims.  

On top of this, product liability claims need a distinct set of criteria compared to most personal injury claims. The plaintiff’s representatives need solid evidence that the defendant has a distribution error, design flaw, or failure to provide a warning label.

There needs to be a comprehensive scrutinization that needs to be done and a thorough vetting of medical records.

Take Into Account the Number of People Working At the Personal Injury Law Firm

When considering hiring a hair relaxer uterine cancer lawyer, it is necessary to ensure they can work wholeheartedly to get the maximum compensation. They know what is at stake and are prepared to take the long route to maximize the compensation for the damages you have undergone.

If you select a small firm, they may need more resources to scrutinize your claim. They may even need more demands for a complex product liability lawsuit.

If you opt for a large firm, chances are they will not be willing to devote personalized attention to your case. Hence, follow the middle part and hire a law firm like Dolman Law Group to get you the maximum compensation.

Final Thoughts

Law firms like Dolman Law Group have adequate experience handling hair relaxer mass tort claims. The firm works with professional personal injury lawyers that have the knack for balancing with other product liability attorneys and actively representing your interests in the court of law.

Lawyers at Dolman Law Group understand that insurance companies will be looking to offer a settlement amount that is not fair for the injured plaintiff. Hence, they go out of their way to ensure that the plaintiff gets a convincing claim amount for the damages they have undergone.  

Isn’t it worth the effort to hire such a prominent law firm for hair relaxer mass tort?

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