Four decadent pudding recipes

For the love of decadent desserts. Image: Pixabay.

Four decadent pudding recipes every sweet tooth must try

We all need a bit of sweetness in our life. Put our selection of decadent pudding recipes to the test.

Four decadent pudding recipes

For the love of decadent desserts. Image: Pixabay.

There is a sweet tooth in every family. To be frank, most of us like a sweet treat from time to time, especially after dinner. However, there is one person in every family that is known as the king or queen of sweet treats. And this list of four decadent pudding recipes is dedicated to those of us who love the sweeter things in life.

These recipes were carefully selected bearing in mind that we are almost halfway into autumn. So, if the weather suddenly becomes cold, these delightful dessert recipes will warm everyone up.

Sticky Date Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce – Moist and soft

Date Pudding Recipe
Date pudding with butterscotch sauce: Indulge in this sweet dessert. Image: Supplied.

There is no shame in licking out your plate after enjoying this dessert. This sticky date dessert consists of a soft and moist sponge topped with a golden butterscotch sauce. 

If you love hot, fruity puddings, this sticky date pudding is a must-try. Dates are so versatile and its natural sugar are perfect for creating the most delicious desserts. Click here for the full recipe.

Hot caramelised sago pudding – Traditional delicacy

Sago Pudding Recipe
Caramelised sago pudding: An old-time favourite. Image: Supplied.

If you are in the mood for a light and refreshing pudding, this sago pudding is the way to go. It is a delicious, chewy dessert made of soft sago pearls, sugar, butter, milk, eggs and cinnamon. The caramelised sugar combined with flavoursome cinnamon provides all the sweetness and flavour this delightful dessert needs.

If you have never tried this delicate pudding, it is high time to give it a shot. Click here for the full recipe.

Upside-down peach dessert – Sweet craving fulfilled

Upside Down Peach Dessert
Upside-down peach dessert: A quick and easy pudding. Image: Supplied.

Looking for a quick and easy pudding to serve after dinner? This upside-down dessert is your go-to recipe. You can whip it together within 45 minutes and see how your family members’ eyes light up when you place it on the table to serve.

So, what makes this upside-down peach dessert so irresistible? During the cooking process, the butter and sugar are melted together and caramelised to a tasty, syrupy sauce. Combined with tinned peaches, this upside-down peach dessert will indeed fulfil any sweet craving you may have. Click here for the full recipe.

Hot and sweet ginger steamed pudding – An unexpected delight

Hot and Sweet Ginger Steamed Pudding Recipe
Ginger steamed pudding: Hot and sweet delight. Image: Unsplash.

This steamed pudding is a different kind of sweet treat, with its strong ginger taste just slightly shining above the sweetness. This pudding is so easy to make and does not take a long time, as it is done in the microwave. This recipe makes use of apricot jam which pairs excellently with ginger. You can also use syrup for a slightly sweeter version. Click here for the full recipe.

We all need a bit of sweetness in our life. If you have tried any of our suggested four decadent pudding recipes, please let us know!

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