Nigella shares new recipe in l

Photo: Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images/ SOBEWFF®.

Nigella shares new recipe in light of Trump’s departure from White House

Nigella Lawson appeared to throw some shade in the direction of Donald Trump with her ‘Recipe of the Day’.

Nigella shares new recipe in l

Photo: Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images/ SOBEWFF®.

English food writer and television chef, Nigella Lawson recently shared her “bitter orange tart” as her ‘Recipe of the Day’ as Donald Trump made his way out of the White House.

Nigella’s Orange Tart

Yes, on Wednesday, 20 January 2021, the popular TV cook and author shared her daily recipe on Twitter. 

She added that if you don’t have Seville oranges, you can just use regular oranges and limes. But, it wasn’t the recipe the internet was interested in. No, according to The Independent, Twitter users were far too enthralled by the name of Lawson’s recipe of the day, and her playful timing.

“Absolutely LOVE @Nigella_Lawsonfor making this her recipe of the day today,” tweeted another.

Others said that this is “epic trolling of former president Trump by Nigella Lawson”.

Meanwhile, the journalist and author Caitlin Moran commented: “If anyone says ‘’given the last few years, are there any things that still make you proud to be British?’ I have to reply, ‘It’s a dwindling list, but Nigella Lawson calmly choosing Bitter Orange Tart on the day Trump leaves office would be one of them’.”

Tania Hershman, a writer of short stories, poetry and hybrids also said that this definitely not just about cake…

One person described the choice as the perfect “chef’s kiss moment”, tweeting: “Nigella’s recipe of the day as we farewell Trump is…. a legit chefs kiss moment. God bless Nigella and all who sail in her.”

Nigella’s pronunciation of ‘microwave’ leaves the internet mesmerized

Last year, while on her Cook, Eat, Repeat food series, the celebrity chef, who has sold millions of cookbooks and fronted a stint of successful cooking shows over the last 18 years, was in the midst of preparing a meal of black-pudding meatballs with fatty milk when she warmed the milk ‘in the microwave’ prior to pouring it into her batter. 

Nigella went on to pronounce it as “meecrowahvay” which seemingly went on to break the internet. While some find it strange, some are grateful to Nigella for letting the world know “we’ve all been mispronouncing microwave for the last 50 (or so) years”.