The Stormy Monk

The Stormy Monk: Indulge in the moment of love. Image: Supplied.

Clink a glass of gin cocktail on Valentine’s Day

Mixing and serving a delicious gin cocktail is a special way to tell your partner, “I love you”.

The Stormy Monk

The Stormy Monk: Indulge in the moment of love. Image: Supplied.

An important day in the calendar of love has arrived and couples all over the world have made plans to celebrate their love. If you have not made any plans for Valentine’s Day yet, it is not too late. This Valentine’s Day, clink a glass of gin cocktail to your journey of love.

Mixing and serving a delicious gin cocktail is a special way to tell your partner, “I love you”. And since we are in South Africa, we are guaranteed the most beautiful sunsets to create a romantic atmosphere for sundowners. So, clink a glass of gin cocktail with us this month of love.

You Red My Mind Cocktail – A gin cocktail made for a special evening

You Red My Mind cocktail
You Red My Mind Cocktail: For a perfect Valentine’s Day. Image: Supplied.

Read your partner’s mind with a refreshing and pretty watermelon-infused gin cocktail. This cocktail is the colour of love, a beautiful deep red and the taste is even better.  It is an easy combination of Chroma Watermelon Gin, lime juice, vanilla syrup, fresh raspberries and Indian tonic. For the full recipe, click here.

This gin cocktail is so easy to prepare and won’t take away time from your evening of love. Gin & Tonic cocktails never disappoint and the You Red My Mind cocktail is no exception.

White Chocolate & ClemenGold Gimlet – Love, gin & chocolate

White Chocolate & ClemenGold Gimlet
White Chocolate & ClemenGold Gimlet: What’s not to love? Image: Supplied.

What is Valentine’s Day without chocolate? We have made it very easy for you with this white chocolate gin gimlet. This is a unique mixture of gin and white chocolate resulting in a surprisingly palatable drink.  

The gimlet is a classic gin cocktail made with high-quality gin and lime juice. Other ingredients include cream and orange bitters, not to forget about white chocolate and homemade syrup that add a delicate sweetness to this cocktail. To tingle your taste buds this Valentine’s Day, click here for the full recipe.

Apple Delight Gin Cocktail – Pure joy in a pretty glass

Apple Delight Gin Cocktail
Apple Delight Gin Cocktail: For a full aromatic experience. Image: Supplied.

Create a memorable day with this aromatic gin cocktail. It is packed with a variety of deep flavours which will always conjure memories of a special evening. L-Gin Lush is a refreshing gin. It contains locally grown juniper and tart Granny Smith apples. Fennel adds the aromatic flavour we love and recognise anywhere. The addition of Turkish delight adds the finest of treats to an already delicious cocktail. Click here for the full recipe for this delightful cocktail.

Fancy-looking cocktails are often quite labour-intensive to make but the Apple Delight Gin Cocktail is so easy. It looks like a well-wrapped present but tastes like pure joy.

The Pink Lady – A strawberry-infused cocktail for a romantic evening

The Pink Lady Cocktail
The Pink Lady: A strawberry-infused gin cocktail for Valentine’s Day. Image: Supplied.

Add some love and sparkle to a beautiful evening with The Pink Lady gin cocktail. It is a delicious combination of Chroma Strawberry Gin, lime wedges, basil leaves, Indian tonic and a sliced strawberry.

This exquisite strawberry-infused gin encompasses the deliciously fruity taste of strawberries with its romantic pink colour. Luscious strawberries are not associated with romance for no reason. That’s why we bring you this delicious strawberry-infused gin cocktail. For the full recipe, click here.

So, now you are set to start Valentine’s Day the right way. Let’s clink a glass of gin cocktail to love!

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