Specialist doctor debunks TikTok beauty hacks. Image: Supplied.

Trends or trash? Specialist debunks six TikTok beauty hacks

A specialist doctor has researched and debunked six popular TikTok beauty hacks from sunscreen contouring to sandpaper shaving. Take a look.


Specialist doctor debunks TikTok beauty hacks. Image: Supplied.

Renowned specialist in aesthetic medicine and owner of online skincare store, SkinMiles Dr Alek Nikolic, has debunked six TikTok beauty trends that many have been tempted to try. 


Social media is riddled with beauty tips, tricks and hacks promising eternal youth and a glowing complexion. From homemade remedies to special diets, we have all been down the road of buying into the hype and being influenced to try certain products or tools. 

Unfortunately, a lot of the time these “secret remedies” hold no legitimate health or beauty benefits. Dr Alek Nikolic debunks six TikTok beauty trends.


This K-Beauty includes coating your face in petrolatum or Vaseline, the aim of this process is to treat dehydrated skin by locking in moisture overnight. 

“This does work to some extent as an occlusive agent like Vaseline provides a barrier to transepidermal water loss. So, it therefore locks the moisturising ingredients in the skin. However, I would not use the occlusive agent as the sole moisturiser,“ says Dr Nikolic. 

This trick works well in the winter months and for people that suffer from dry skin. However, if you have sensitive, or acne-prone skin, this is a trend that you should stay clear of.

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Firstly, applying sunscreen is a step that should never be skipped. This trend involves sunscreen being applied to certain areas of the face as a way of keeping skin lighter. While everywhere else is left unprotected to tan, achieving a contoured tanning effect and definition. 

“This approach will work to a certain degree for the intended purpose of making certain areas slightly lighter and others more tanned. However, one does tan through an SPF so the covered skin parts will eventually tan as well. Leaving certain parts of the skin exposed will lead to an increased risk of cancer In the unprotected areas and acceleration of ageing,” says Dr Nikolic. 

Dr Alek’s advice is to give this one a miss, instead use a good bronzer to achieve a perfect contour. 


This trend encourages women to use sandpaper to shave their legs. Although this is a cheap alternative for hair removal Dr Nikolic advises that readers do not try this at home. 

“This technique will lead to severe damage to the skin,” says Dr Nikolic. “Not only will it damage your skin, it simply won’t work. The hair follicle is too tightly adhered to allow the hair to be removed with sandpaper.”


It is said that this chlorophyll I detoxifies the body and helps reduce acne in the process. 

“The studies are very limited when it comes to chlorophyll water.There’s no real conclusion when it comes to the benefits of chlorophyll water for acne or the skin,” explains Dr Nikolic. 


Many TikTokers have recommended adding a cleansing balm or cleansing oil to your skin routine. This needs to be incorporated as the first step of your double cleanse. 

“I can confirm that this technique does work and many people prefer a double cleanse approach,” adds Dr Nikolic.  


The jade roller and the gua sha are arguably the most popular beauty tools that everyone wants to own. The jade roller’s main benefit is lymphatic drainage, whereas the gua sha is to be used as a facial release massage tool. 

“There are no scientific studies that I can find that shows the benefits of using a jade roller or gua sha. However, numerous people highly recommend it for improving circulation and increasing serum or cream absorption,” says Nikolic. 

Although this trend might not be backed by science, this is still something that many could get behind as this process feels relaxing and soothing. 

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