French city asks Madonna to “loan’ painting
Image via Jimmy Fallon Show

Let’s face it: Did these stars fall for the filler craze? [photos]

These stars have been accused of ‘botching’ their appearances with facial fillers after sporting dramatically different looks. Take a look…


French city asks Madonna to “loan’ painting
Image via Jimmy Fallon Show

Tom Cruise has sparked rumours he has undergone fillers after sporting a fuller face — and head full of hair — earlier this month…

The Mission Impossible actor had the timeline talking when he stepped out with adopted son Connor Cruise at a LA Dodgers match, looking rather puffy.

And fans of the actor immediately spotted the difference.

One tweep posted: “Tom Cruise has either gained weight, or he has a face full of fillers. I’m going with the fillers.”


According to plastic surgeon Dr Alice Henshaw, Tom Cruise’s  “swollen” look is down to him possibly going under the knife

She told The Sun: “Tom definitely looks swollen and puffy, which could be due to filler, post procedure swelling or weight gain.

“I believe he’s had fillers under his eyes and around his mouth and nose in the past, but this time is different.

But the plastic surgeon, ruled out fillers, claiming the 59-year-old star possibly had a neck lift or hair transplant.

“A side profile view of him shows his neck is also quite swollen. Filler would not be placed in this area, which signifies it would not be filler but rather swelling or weight gain. Often surgical procedure such as a platysmal plasty, or neck lift, combined with a mid-facelift could create this type of swelling in these areas, and scars are easily disguised.

“At almost 60, Tom’s hairline has remained relatively the same, although slightly thinning, which does suggest he may have had hair transplants.”


And Tom Cruise is not the only A-lister rumoured to have injected fillers in their face.

Madonna has been sporting a very youthful look on social media, and a puffier face in recent appearances

Plastic surgeon Gabriella Birley told Femail: “Looking from the top of Madonna’s face downwards, she is completely line-free on her forehead. Her natural frown lines aren’t there, so I’d speculate most definitely a lot of Botox has been administered.

“As we age the temporal region of our faces lose fat and appear hollow so I believe she has had filler in her temple region too.”

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Victoria Beckham had fans doing a double take this week after she recently made a special appearance on Good Morning America to talk about her fashion line.

But all viewers of the show could focus on was her plumpy pout and wrinkle-free face.

And Zac Efron was the target of cruel taunts earlier this year when he made a social media appearance to promote Earth Day.

But the former High School Musical star went viral for all the wrong reasons – fans accused of having facial fillers and even a jaw implant!