boity Boitumelo “Boity” Thulo perfume

Image: Judd van Rensburg

Sweet smell of success for Boity with perfume release

The South African sat down with Boity Thulo in an interview about her fragrance Boity Pink Sapphire. What’s more, there may be an EP on the way.

boity Boitumelo “Boity” Thulo perfume

Image: Judd van Rensburg

South African entrepreneur and entertainment personality Boitumelo “Boity” Thulo this week released her first perfume – and she may also soon drop an EP.

On 1 September, the rapper, model, actress and television personality took to Facebook to post an image of a golden, shadowed female figure with a circle around her.

It carried the cryptic message: “Something special is coming…” and we now know this was a teaser for her venture into the fragrance world.

Aside from launching her own perfume, Boity also said she was “on the verge of releasing an EP”, which would encompass her body of work as a rapper.

“There is so many other exciting things, but I obviously can’t say yet…I am going to be much busier and am very grateful, it’s going to be incredible,” she said.

Perfume partnership

South African hair and perfume firm Halo Heritage approached Boity for a partnership.

“It was just a matter of asking if I was interested in partnering and collaborating with them in creating a fragrance. Seeing how we grow together as Halo Heritage and brand Boity for me it was an easy yes,” Boity explained.

The Boity brand, through Halo Heritage, worked closely with experienced French perfumer Emilie Bouge.

“I appreciate the fact that they put in so much effort, love, sweat and money to create Boity Pink Sapphire. It’s an honour for me,” said Boity.

The idea behind Boity Pink Sapphire

Boity said the fragrance name, Boity Pink Sapphire, was greatly influenced by one of the Halo Heritage partners. After they met and hugged, the partner said Boity had a “pink aura”.

The compliment stuck with her and she decided to use it “some way or somehow” in conceptualising and creating the perfume.

“For me it’s a beautiful thing because I love pink. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with pink, because I love how pink makes me feel. I know how beautiful it is,” Boity said.

“The thing with sapphire is that it is one of my favourite gemstones. It’s beautiful and all the traits and the qualities it stands for are things I hold in high regard.”

She describes herself and her fragrance as “sensual, luxurious and powerful”.

How COVID-19 affected the creation

The South African nationwide lockdown did not affect Boity and her creative team as much as they were anticipating.

“Obviously, there were a few hiccups here and there,” she said.

According to Boity, they were very “nervous” about how they were going to move forward, and whether they would have to postpone the EP release to 2021.

“This pushed me into my higher self, so that’s been incredible for me. And by the grace of God all the energies worked and came together to allow us to actually be able to launch on time,” Boity said.

Boity goes into the details

Boity realised how important it was to pay attention to even the smallest detail when creating the perfume.

Boity Pink Sapphire has turquoise packaging with hints of pink and gold.

“In my journey of entrepreneurship, turquoise has always been a colour that stuck with me. I love what it represents as it just looks luxurious and beautiful,” she said.

In addition, the gold chain accents on the bottle pays tribute to a similar gold chain that she “never takes off”.

Inspiring and pushing boundaries

“I just wanted to inspire women to push boundaries. When a South African women puts it [the perfume] on, I hope that it evokes a feeling of confidence and strength. A feeling that you can own a room when you walk in,” Boity said.

“This was in honour of the queens who raised me.”