eye makup mascara mask

Image: Canva

Lashes of style: 10 Instagram eyelash and brow trends

Ranging from neon to natural, wear one of these 10 eye-catching trends above your mask to unleash your inner makeup artist.

eye makup mascara mask

Image: Canva

Eyebrow and eyelash trends can make or break a face. And, at a time when we are wearing masks, this part of your makeup is even more important as the bottom half of your face is hidden.

If you aren’t convinced, simply log onto Instagram and look at some social media personalities whose brow and lash transformations completely changed their look.

Once you find the perfect brow and lash style for your face, you can elevate your look.

Eyelash trends

Eyelashes are one of the very few types of body hair that most women want more of rather than less. However, eyelashes have a very short growth cycle and fall out daily.

Luckily, there is a plethora of styles, shapes and types to play with – so here are a few of the top Instagram eyelash trends:

Neon lashes


Over the last few years, neon has been a huge fashion and makeup trend.

Neon lashes look great on the runway, but that does not mean they are reserved for the catwalk. You too can play with neon colours and make this look your own by choosing colours that complement your outfit.

3D lashes


For a softer yet voluminous lash, try the 3D lash technique.

Recreate this lush look by adding a faux lash to each natural lash to triple its volume.

If you have natural lashes and are looking to simply fill the gaps, that works too.

Glitter lashes


If you love to look glamorous, sprinkle some sparkle onto your eyelids this spring with glitter eyelashes.

This is great for evening when the lights catch your eyes. To get that ultra-glam makeup look, add some eyeliner onto your lids too.

Half lashes


These lashes are comfortable, lightweight and easy to apply.

Simply apply glue to the lash and gently place it on the tips of your natural lashes. This is a great way to extend your lash line or exaggerate that cat-eye look.

Hybrid lashes


If you are looking for a set of vibrant and natural-looking lashes, then this trend is for you.

The method requires using two different lash application techniques to layer and thicken your natural lashes.

Try placing long lengths of lash strands carefully on the lid to create a frame. Then fill it in with extra volume extensions to give a sharp, textured look.

Eyebrow trends

There are not many ways to sculpt, flick and fill your brows. However, there are inspiring techniques that dominate social media platforms.

Windswept brows


The windswept brow is the less-crazy sister to the lamination brow look.

Brush brows up at the front but then brush the rest of the brow towards the temples to add texture and structure.

If the bold, power-brow look is not for you, you will love this toned-down trend.

Toned-down brows


Fill in brows lightly with a soft, slim eyebrow pencil that matches the natural shade of your hair. This look sits in between defined and natural brows.

This wet brow with a glossy and sumptuous finish gives a healthy and radiant appearance.

Dewy brows


Recreate this slick look by brushing through the brows with a spoolie, then shape and fill with a wax pencil.

Never used a spoolie? This eyebrow-shaping tool looks like a mascara wand, with a tapered head and soft bristles, and is a useful tool for brows.

After applying the wax pencil, layer on the dew with one clear coat of setting gel.

Shadow brows


If you are up for this trendy look, then take out your eyebrow palette as the powder finish is back.

This look lets your natural brow texture take centre stage.

“It’s all about a light powder through the centre of the brow to give that shadow effect and add some dimension, while still keeping a natural finish,” says HD Brows stylist Jamie Long on HD Brows.

Soap brows


Soap brows refers to the technique and not the shape.

You brush your eyebrows with soap instead of eyebrow gel. Use a disposable spoolie brush and setting spray for a lusciously fluffy appearance.

The technique is best suited to those with naturally full and dark brows.