drone footage

Screenshot from Perpsective / YouTube

Watch: Drone footage of KZN on lockdown goes viral [video]

In the year the world stood still, two men captured drone footage of KwaZulu-Natal as you’ve never seen it before.

drone footage

Screenshot from Perpsective / YouTube

Everyone is talking about the drone footage of 2020: the year when “time stood still”. A time when rainbows in windows represent a symbol of hope, and empty streets, empty chairs and empty tables bring a picturesque image of eerie calm. It’s the time in our lives when a house took on a whole new definition; a three-in-one of work, school and home.

It was this new way of life that inspired Timothy Hay and Simon Mulholland to capture a never-to-be-seen-again reality of KwaZulu-Natal. The result of this is a compelling short film; Perspective. Not only is this video beautifully crafted but it grants the viewer an opportunity to see things in a new light and ignite a sense of solidarity.

The footage that moved a nation

The poignant opening shot of a speeding clock slowing to a standstill speaks of a moment to pause, step back, consider where we have come from, where we are now and what we, as a nation, want life beyond the pandemic to look like.

Epic drone footage gives viewers the ability to experience a visual perspective devoid of human presence. This solitary adventure across a vista of historic landmarks and breathtaking landscapes stimulates a sanguine introspection; that brings with it a realisation of what we already have and a belief in the possibilities that could be.

This film is as much a celebration of the natural beauty that surrounds us, as it is a celebration of humanity and the beautiful spaces that we create. From awe-inspiring shots of the landscape to humble images of peoples’ homes and stirring camera-runs through stadiums, echoing with the memories of battles won and lost, we cannot help but be drawn in to witness something wonderful.

Watch Perspective – Kwazulu-Natal Lockdown 2020 6k drone footage

The message of Perspective

It is this kind of wonderful that reverberated in the hopes of South Africa’s greatest icon, Nelson Mandela, when he believed in the possibility of a Rainbow Nation; a South African reality that would strengthen humanity’s belief in justice and the nobility of the human soul.

The message of Perspective was inspired by Mandela’s legacy and his commitment to building bridges across all divides. The filmmakers’ hope is that this short film will “remind every person of the opportunity we have to unite as a nation”. The strength of a nation lies in the unity of the people.

In a world of uncertainty and countless opinions, feelings and predictions this short film encourages us to re-align our priorities as people, a society and a nation. Perspective, with its powerful imagery, inspires a belief that a true Rainbow Nation need not only be the dream of one great man.

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