Martial eagle spotted on resea

Photo: Facebook/Vogelgat Private Nature Reserve

Martial eagle spotted on research camera in Hermanus [photo]

A martial eagle was recently spotted with its kill on a research camera in Hermanus in the Western Cape.

Martial eagle spotted on resea

Photo: Facebook/Vogelgat Private Nature Reserve

A research camera set up by the Vogelgat Private Nature Reserve in Hermanus, Western Cape recently caught a martial eagle walking about.

According to Africa Geographic, the martial eagle is a magnificently large raptor and a powerful hunter that spends hours of the day engaged in exploratory soaring or sitting secretly perched in a foliaged tree ready to ambush its next victim. They have a wingspan of up to 2.6 metres and it can lift prey weighing up to 8kg. This eagle is also ‘threatened’ due to a major decline in their numbers over the last few years, as their greatest threat comes from habitat loss and humans, as is the case with most apex birds of prey.

A rare sight

On Facebook the reserve said it’s rare to see ‘Africa’s biggest eagle’ in this particular area:

“My first ever sighting of the might martial eagle [sic]. I know they are around Stanford and Caledon, but what are the chances of capturing this even on a research camera?”

It also looks like the eagle has a cape grysbok kill in its grasp.

My 1st ever sighting of the might Martial eagle. I know they are around Stanford and caledeon. but what are the chances…

Posted by Vogelgat Private Nature Reserve on Friday, June 12, 2020

A good spot for seeing wildlife

It’s said that this specific camera that captured the rare image is often visited by leopards as they roam the mountainous slopes. A particularly poised predator was spotted passing by recently:


Posted by Landmark Leopard & Predator Project – South Africa on Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Wildlife webcams accessible from home

During South Africa’s national lockdown, cameras placed in the wild became all the rage. Getaway reports that there are still and live webcams available for viewing. The still cams are located in Addo Elephant National Park, Nossob within the Kgalagdi Transfontier National Park and Orpen, Punda Maria and Satara within the Kruger National Park. And if you don’t want to wait for some action, there’s also a highlight-reel committed by their registered forum users.

You can even join in on webcam discussions. Find out more over here.