Winter is coming: Cosy up your

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Winter is coming: Cosy up your home with these top DIY tips

If ever there is a time to refresh your home and living spaces, it’s now. With winter on the way, use these DIY tips to cosy up your home.

Winter is coming: Cosy up your

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Let’s face it, the time to enjoy your home is now. Never have we spent more time indoors and with the changing of seasons upon us, it’s ideal timing to spruce up your most-used living areas.

The idea of winter has always conjured up beautiful imagery of crackling fires, a good bottle of red, and your favourite book. Add to that some snug blankets, plenty of time for cuddling, finding the perfect ‘sunspot’ in your home and you’ve got a pretty fool-proof plan for winter.

The only thing we can’t help with is the snuggling partner but for the rest – read below for some instant inspiration on how to cosy up your home in time for the colder months.

Lux up your boudoir

With icy early morning starts making getting up a lot more difficult in winter, we suggest you begin your winter makeover by preparing for the idea that you’re sure to be spending a lot more time than usual in your bedroom.

Make it a space you love to be. A good place to begin is with a linen change – swap out your light comforter for a heavier one, new linens that you layer for the desired “plush” effect. Then try adding a few new cozy pillows, a shaggy rug and a warm light to chase away those winter blues. 

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Mix it up

If there was ever a time to step away from the norm, it would be now. Pack away the minimal and neutral summer tones and embrace the warmer hues, prints, and textures of winter. And, of course, with this, you can also prioritise heavier materials, such as wools, tweeds, and cashmere. 

Layer it on

Add an instant dash of homeliness with extra throws, rugs and blankets. Nothing says winter quite like the materials that perfectly depict this season. This winter, why not experiment with plaid, knit, wool, linen and sheepskin? As long as you keep the palette neutral, these fabrics can mix easily with most styles and add a great textural touch to sofas, ottomans, and stools.

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Tub time

In our books, lengthy bubble baths are one of winter’s best perks. There are very few pitfalls associated with tub time, especially if it’s done properly with a choice accompanying playlist, red wine and candles to soak away any stresses.

If we had to be picky though, stepping out onto an ice-cold floor or being embraced by a once-loved, less-than-fluffy towel does not complete this perfect picture, so make winter a little more bearable and consider installing a heated towel rail and make sure the fluffy bathmat awaits you.

In pursuit of the perfect chair

This is the perfect time to consider investing in a new choice perch spot this winter. There’s a cozy chair somewhere out there with your name all over it.

If you’ve already found your perfect fit, consider a revamp by recovering it with an on-trend material, purchase a few extra knit blankets or add a new reading light to warm up your space.

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Fire it up

It’s no secret that a glowing fire naturally draws people towards it, so accommodate your friends and family this winter by creating some extra seating around your fireplace.

If you don’t want to buy a new seating, consider rearranging your furniture to strategically shift your conversation area a little closer to the heat.

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Calling all bookworms

This is the time to pull out the old favourites or find a new book for pure escapism this winter.

The old classics of your home are calling for the perfect place to be properly appreciated – so pick a well-lit corner of your lounge, either naturally lit or with the help of a reading lamp, and arrange a comfy armchair to get the best light.

Stack your favourites close by and create your seasonal reading list. If you read on a tablet, consider a spot near a power point for easy charging.

Say goodbye to icy feet

The worst realization that winter has hit is a cold floor on bare feet. Fend off those icy toes by making use of area rugs in the well-travelled traffic areas of your home.